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Issue 291, June 27, 2011
In the news
A new update went out to the ArenaNet blog this week, giving us a closer look at underwater combat in Guild Wars 2.

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Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts have announced that the long-running Star Wars MMO, Star Wars Galaxies, will be shutting down later this year.

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NCsoft and Paragon Studios have announced that City of Heroes will be going free-to-play later this year with the launch of City of Heroes: Freedom.

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Free Realms: Re-Review
It's been almost two years since our last look at Free Realms, the family-friendly MMO from Sony Online Entertainment. In our latest re-review here at, Lori May look at Free Realms from an adult perspective.

Ultimately, Free Realms is truly a game that has been created, marketed-to, and enjoyed by a younger crowd of gamers. That's not to say it doesn't have its merits as far as adult players are concerned, but one of the best aspects of this game is the kid-friendly design which parents can enjoy. Of course, kids are never 100% safe if left unsupervised online, but Sony has put some great parental controls in place which you can opt to employ while your kids are on the game. Above and beyond that, this game offers quite a bit to do, if you don't mind the $4.99/mo. The mini games are fun, and the whole world is this cute, happy-go-lucky little universe without impending doom and unnecessary evil. I was surprised that Free Realms hooked me as much as it did, and I honestly think this is one I could enjoy playing around on it with my kids--even after I was sure it was safe, and into the realm of my own personal amusement.

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Guild Wars 2: A Comprehensive Hands-On
Arena.Net sponsored a press open house on Thursday and's Carolyn Koh was lucky enough to score the opportunity to not only visit and tour the studio but to get her hands on the newest demo build of Guild Wars 2. Carolyn's got a comprehensive look at Guild Wars 2 and the progress it's made since the last hands-on demo.

I started off with two skills and a heal in the fire element as well as water. The other three disciplines would open up as the Elementalist leveled, and at high levels, you can switch between two weapons and hence different skill load-outs. At higher levels, the Elementalist can summon a pet, though not command it. The water discipline had some nice heals. For combat under water, we needed a specialized weapon for that purpose and a water breathing apparatus. Our spells changed and as an Elementalist underwater, I found I preferred the fire discipline with its offensive spells.

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RIFT is a fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Trion Worlds. In RIFT, the world of Telara is being invaded by six different planes (fire, earth, air, water, life, death) through tears in the world called "Rifts." Players fighting for either the Guardian or Defiant factions are tasked with keeping the planar forces at bay in order to save Telara and drive back the forces of the game's villain, Regulos, the dragon god of extinction.

The aforementioned rifts make up the game's dynamic content features, as the rifts can open up in any part of the game world. The forces that spill out of these rifts will seek to spread their influence throughout the game world and even take over territory, leaving both a tangible and visible mark upon the game world.

RIFT also features the "Soul Attunement" system, which essentially allows players to multi-class. Different souls are acquired throughout the course of the game and up to three can be arranged at a time to create a build. Builds can be stored for use in several loadouts, allowing players to prepare different builds for different situations.

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The Week that Was
Monday, June 20
TERA: E3 2011: The Political System

Tuesday, June 21
World of Tanks: E3 2011 Impressions

Wednesday, June 22
Dungeons & Dragons Online: Update 10 Impressions

Thursday, June 23
Bill Murphy: The Hacking Plague

Friday, June 24
Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet Studio Tour
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