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.Issue 341, June 25, 2012
Top News of the Week:
Itching for more Guild Wars 2?! Well, you'll be glad to find out ArenaNet has announced a new Stress Test scheduled for later this week!

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RIFT is set to get three-faction open PvP this week with the launch of the game's 'Conquest' update.

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The Secret World gets a bit less secret with the official drop of the closed beta's NDA!

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Final Fantasy XIV: E3 2012 'Version 2.0' Interview with Naoki Yoshida
We sat down with Final Fantasy XIV's Naoki Yoshida during this year's E3 to discuss Square Enix's plans for the relaunch of Final Fantasy XIV.

I came into our interview open about the fact that not only have I never played Final Fantasy XIV, but that outside of the game's infamous history, I knew very little about it. If you don't manage to make it through this entire article, know that I came away with this: I'm now actively interested in seeing where Square Enix takes the game. Final Fantasy XIV is on my radar.

It was pretty clear to me from coming into the room that the team was not interested in spinning Final Fantasy XIV's failures. Everyone was aware of the game's problems, and it appeared they were more than eager to share their plans with us for rectifying them. It was a breath of fresh air, to say the least, given the way these things tend to go.

You can read the full article here.

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ArcheAge: Closed Beta, America Bound, & Siege Warfare
ArcheAge is one of those games that has gathered an impressive number of fans as it slowly makes its way into the MMO space. During this year's E3, we had the opportunity to chat with Suk Woo Choi to talk about all things ArcheAge.

When I sat down to lunch with XLGames' Suk Woo Choi away from the hustle and bustle of E3 this year, I didn't know what to expect. Color me a rube, but I've never done a translated interview before. If you can believe it, I've only been at this business for a few years now, and almost all of my appointments have been with EU or NA-based developers. I was worried that I might say something to offend the man who's leading ArcheAge's business side, a game that our readers are mightily anticipating with the kind of thirst for info that is usually reserved for titles that actually have a North American publisher and localization team. But as I quickly learned, just as ArcheAge is reaching across borders to entice fans in North America before they even have a publisher ready in this region, Suk Woo Choi is the kind of guy who loves a good steak and loves to talk about games (even when through a translator, who did an amazing job).

You can read the full article here.

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Game of the Week
This week's Game of the Week is Funcoms The Secret World.

The Secret World is an in-development MMORPG by Funcom. An original story, it will take place in the modern day as well as ancient mythology and civilizations long gone, blending these elements into what is being called a dark fantasy with supernatural elements.

A battle between good and evil will unfold and players will be a part of it, building up their supernatural powers (there are no classes) and shaping their characters as they desire. The game will also include depictions of some real locations as well as fictional ones.

Last week was The Secret World week here at We partnered up with Funcom to give our readers an exclusive first look at a number of the game's dungeons as well as an overview of The Secret World's various 'skill decks'.

Learn more about The Secret World here, or check out our game list here.

This Week
Monday, June 18
The Secret World: Dungeon Reveal - The Darkness War

Tuesday, June 19
The Secret World: Dungeon Preview - The Ankh

Wednesday, June 20
The Secret World: Dungeon Preview - The Facility

Thursday, June 21
Dungeons & Dragons Online: Menace of the Underdark Preview

Friday, June 22
The Secret World: Dungeon Preview - Hell Fallen
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