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Issue 290, June 20, 2011
In the news
SOE is planning a major announcement regarding PlanetSide: Next at this year's Fan Faire.

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Talk about the unexpected! Seth McFarlane's popular "Family Guy" series is set to get the MMO treatment and you can even sign up for the closed beta right now.

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The recent rash of hacks continues as CCP Games' sci-fi juggernaut EVE Online gets hit.

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Dungeons & Dragons Online: Re-Review
It is our habit to periodically revisit and re-review games that are showing continued improvement and a solid pattern of updates. One of the MMOs that clearly fits this description is Dungeons & Dragons Online. writer Lori May takes a fresh look at DDO in today's re-review.

Dungeons & Dragons Online definitely offers a lot to both the casual and the hardcore players out there. Few MMOs can rival it in terms of customization, and that complete control over the spectrum of your characters' proficiencies, abilities and talents is a refreshing change. The frequent updates introduce new monsters, zones and equipment into the game on a fairly regular schedule, so things don't get too stale. If you're looking for PvP or a stellar crafting system, you might want to look elsewhere; if you happen to be looking for a quality game perfect for a group of friends--or anyone bold enough to indulge in PUGs--then this one might be well worth your time to download. Considering the F2P offers a nice selection of options, you don't have to invest a cent to give this one a try, and you don't have to be a D&D player or rules expert to succeed (though it does help), there really isn't anything to lose. And if you've tried this one out before, it might be time to take a second look--I'm certainly glad I did.

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The List: Seven Random E3 Thoughts
After attending last week's E3 convention in Los Angeles, Lead Writer Bill Murphy has a few random thoughts about the things he both saw and experienced. And, yes, Hulk Hogan makes his presence felt in The List.

Last year the World of Tanks guys came to E3 with a lap-top and a dream. This year they came with actual tanks, actors, booth-babes, banners in every hall and a major presence on the show floor. To say that has seen an upswing in their success-o-meter is probably an understatement. And with the announcement of the sister-game: World of War Planes I suspect the future is bright for this studio. Say what you will about it being an MMO, but World of Tanks has certainly captured people's attention.

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Guild Wars 2 is the upcoming sequel to Guild Wars. Currently in development at ArenaNet, Guild Wars 2 will offer the same free to play model as the original game series while introducing a host of graphical and mechanics upgrades.

Guild Wars players will find only their character names and achievements carry over, as everything else is planned to be completely new. Where characters could only move with mouse clicks, now there will be a full range of motion in 3-D for each character, destructible environments, a mentoring system to let higher and lower level players join forces, and additional layers to PvP.

The Mists, a new area, will offer large-scale world versus world battles in addition to the much-loved solo or guild versus guild PvP. PvP and RP characters will no longer be distinguished from each other, and the level cap will be higher than the original game's 20.

Notably, the land of Tyria itself will undergo shifts in terrain and structure following large-scale destruction vital to the game's plot. The plot is set 250 years after the Eye of the North expansion, and concerns the awakening of dragons long believed to have been defeated and rendered powerless in slumber. Their awakening not only causes panic but flooding and massive destruction as others rise up to try and stop this ancient force. A release date is yet to be announced.

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The Week that Was
Monday, June 13 E3 2011 Awards

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Black Prophecy: E3 2011 Report

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Star Wars: The Old Republic: E3 2011: What We Now Know

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Bill Murphy: The Shooterization of E3

Friday, June 17
Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online: From the Warp: A Warhammer 40K Summer
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