Issue 544
June 18th, 2016
Just a couple weeks past release and Blizzard's Overwatch juggernaut continues to grow, expanding half again from its 7M players on launch day. As of today, Overwatch has scored 10M active players. That's pretty impressive by any measure.
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Fans of the Zelda series will want to take note of today's Nintendo E3 2016 Press Event where the company revealed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild through a gorgeous new trailer.
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Overwatch feels like a sort of natural evolution of the Team Fortress formula. Blizzard's taken the basic idea of Team Fortress 2 and managed to modernize it with gameplay elements from the MOBA genre. It's a hard locked six vs. six affair and there are way more characters (21, to be exact), but they're ultimately pretty similar games with similar game modes. The real wrinkle is the way the MOBA inspiration gives each character more of a defined kit.
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At Bethesda's press conference tonight at E3, the team at Elder Scrolls Online will not only be launching the game in Japan, but they are working on One Tamriel. This system will allow players to join up at any time within the game. Once out of the tutorial you can then move forward and join adventurers in any place that you choose.
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The time has finally come. Our brand new site design is almost ready to go live. This coming Tuesday, June 21st, will be down for maintenance for an estimated 24 hours as we bring over the new site and migrate all the data from the old one. Read on for what it all means for you, our loyal readers.
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The Elder Scrolls Online is a fantasy MMORPG from Zenimax Online Studios and Bethesda Softworks based on the popular Elder Scrolls series. The game takes place during the Age of Heroes, 1,000 years before the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and will feature classic regions of the Tamriel game world, including Morrowind, Daggerfall, and Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls Online will have solo and group questing, public dungeons, guilds, and massive PvP warfare that sets the game's three player factions against one another for control over the region of Cyrodiil and the throne of Tamriel.
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