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.Issue 340, June 18, 2012
Top News of the Week:
The financial debacle surrounding 38 Studios continues as we recently learned that Curt Schilling himself is being sued for $2.4 million dollars by Citizens Bank.

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Is BioWare considering going free-to-play with Star Wars: The Old Republic? Some interesting language on that front was used in a recent article (since taken down, without comment).

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WildStar Wednesdays continued last week with a look the game's Friends & Family program.

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Spirit Tales: Review
KoramGame recently released the anime MMO Spirit Tales. We've spent some time in the "cutest MMO" on the planet to find out if the game play measures up to the cuteness.

In terms of eye candy, I must say that Spirit Tales looks really good. The game follows a cartoony design style with plenty of oriental influences (given that the developers are from Taiwan). The colour palette used is subdued and never overly saturated. Environments in the game are well designed, with plenty of foliage and other set pieces (tiny ponds, out-of-reach shrines, discarded treasure chests, etc) that add to the believability of the game world.

You can read the full review here.

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MMOFTW - The Best of E3 2012 Awards!
This year's E3 was filled the brim with new and upcoming MMOs. In this week's MMOFTW we award the five best and brightest from the recent trade show.

Every year, it seems like E3 goes through a complete overhaul. This year, instead of being about games, the main focus seemed to be booth-babes and bloody executions. Luckily, there was actually one area where games seemed to matter and diversity and attempts in innovations were actually present: MMOs. This year's show was actually a fairly strong one for the MMO, despite folks like NCsoft and Blizzard not being in attendance. When all was said and done, we sat down to figure out just which titles stood out the most to us, and which ones deserved special distinction in our five award categories. Watch the special edition of MMOFTW to see which game took home our Game of Show at E3 2012.

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Game of the Week

FireFall is an upcoming free-to-play post-apocalyptic MMO FPS developed by Red 5 Studios. Set 200 years in the future, Earth has been destroyed by an energy storm called 'The Melding,' which occurred as a result of the overuse of Crystite, a source of energy discovered by humans that ended up replacing all forms of energy on Earth.

'The Melding' destroyed much of Earth and mutated the Earth's terrain and lifeforms. The only habitable place left is, oddly enough, within the eye of the storm, where what's left of humanity attempt to survive.

Players in FireFall take on the role as one of these surviving humans and are tasked with ridding Earth of the 'The Melding,' while also battling back the 'Chosen,' a new race spawned of the storm itself.

Gameplay involves first person or third person combat in an open-world environment, and includes RPG mechanics such as loot, leveling up, and other forms of progression. Four classes, the Engineer, Assault, Recon, and Medic, have been announced so far.

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This Week
Monday, June 11
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Tuesday, June 12
World of Warplanes: E3 2012 Preview

Wednesday, June 13
Star Wars: The Old Republic: SWTOR at E3 2012

Thursday, June 14
RaiderZ: E3 2012 Preview

Friday, June 15
The Secret World: The Besieged Farmlands
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