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.Issue 390, June 1, 2013
Top News of the Week:
Despite a few delays, Early Access has kicked off for Marvel Heroes.

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We recently learned that Blizzard has essentially hit the 'reset' button on 'Titan', the unannounced MMO follow-up to World of Warcraft.

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Aspiring dragon tamers should be excited to learn that SOE has kicked off the open beta for their F2P MMO, Dragon's Prophet.

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Neverwinter: Review
Neverwinter is one of the first blockbuster titles to arrive in 2013. With over a month of game time, we are ready to present our official review.

Cryptic Studios released Neverwinter just over a month ago. While publisher Perfect World called it an "open beta", the company had no issues taking players' money for Zen used to purchase virtual items in the shop. Whenever that happens, the game is, in our mind, released. And so, today's review culminates our month-long journey in and around the Sword Coast, most notably in Neverwinter and its immediate surroundings. Tag along with us as we synthesize our four Beta Diary articles (linked below) into our official review of Neverwinter.

You can read the full review here.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: The Look & Feel of Daggerfall
During a recent E3 preview event, we managed to spend tons of times in and around the Elder Scrolls Online location of Daggerfall, a place familiar to fans of the series.

Daggerfall is socially enabled and is designed to be a gathering spot for players. There are crafting locations, dungeons, side quests and exploration to be had within the city walls itself, not to mention outside. Exploration is key. One interesting tidbit we were told is that there are Skyrim-like achievements for finding and reading all the books in a given location and much more. It's definitely worth the taking the time to sniff around if that's your thing.

Check out the preview here.

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Game of the Week
TERA Online is a fantasy MMORPG from the team of Bluehole Studios, Frogster Interactive Pictures, and En Masse Entertainment. TERA's story is simple: the world is under siege by evil gods, monsters, and beings from the underworld, and it's up to the players to stand against their onslaught to save the world.

True action combat is the main draw here, meaning fighting is based on actual player skill. For example, in order to avoid getting hit in combat, a player must dodge attacks, and not just stand in place and rely on an arbitrary armor or skill rating. There are no factions, either. Players simply choose from seven races and eight classes and take on quests and over 600 monsters.

Learn more about TERA here, or check out our game list here.
This Week
Monday, May 27
The Social Hub: The Lasting Impact of Voice Chat

Tuesday, May 28
Matt Miller: Tutorials

Wednesday, May 29
Michael Bitton: Why Titan Was Delayed and Reset

Thursday, May 30
EverQuest: EQNext's Time to Shine

Friday, May 31
Dragon's Prophet: First Impressions of Open Beta
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