Issue 577
July 8th, 2017
Destiny 2 is ready to be unleashed on the (console) masses beginning July 21st. PlayStation 4 and XBox One players will be able to take part in the event that will allow them to play through the "Homecoming" story mission as well as take part in the 3-player Inverted Spire Strike and to try out Crucible competitive play.
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The Secret World Legends site has a new post that lays out what players can expect to see in updates for the balance of 2017.
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MXM has had a long gestation period in NCSOFT's development. Designed from the groundup for a world-wide launch, specifically targeted at the West, MXM is a MOBA-ish, Action RPG-ish, MMO-ish game that manages to somehow be extremely fun despite mixing so many genres together. We've been playing it since the closed beta, and have come to love this gem. It may be late to the party on the MOBA craze, but MXM proves there's still life left in the flooded genre.
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Firefall has had a rough lifetime that is sadly coming to a close on Friday, July 7th. Redfall staffers updated the official site with a brief notice to the remaining playerbase. For fans who will mourn the end of the Firefall online era there is still good news as a mobile version is in the works.
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I'm going to get this out there right off the bat: I wish that Blizzard would start developing Diablo 4 or at least give us a new expansion. I love the series but it's time to move past Diablo 3. That said, Rise of the Necromancer is a lot of fun and it's made playing D3 fun again. To say that I haven't gotten my money's worth would be untrue and I've totally found that I've extracted $15 worth of fun already.
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Robocraft is a Free to Play (F2P) online battle game where you build and fight your own robotic creations against other players. Build insane robot battle vehicles that drive, hover, walk and fly! Add weapons from the future and jump in the driving seat as you take your bot into battle against other players in this competitive free-to-win action game.

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