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Issue 187, July 6, 2009
In the news
On July 1st, Perfect World International launched Ether Saga Online for North American audiences. This MMO adaptation of the Chinese "Journey to the West" is now fully available for anyone to try. It is a free to play MMORPG.

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In July,'s E3 Game of Show Global Agenda will launch into Beta. The company announced this last week and is accepting further Beta sign-ups. Global Agenda is a MMOFPS.

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China bans gold farming! Or did they? The Chinese government this week announced new regulations on the purchase of virtual items for real world cash. Some hoped that this may slow gold farming, a practice where people extract currency from virtual worlds for extremely low wages.

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Star Trek Online: Bridge Crews's Carolyn Koh penned a look at Bridge Crews in the upcoming Cryptic Studios MMORPG Star Trek Online. This system Cryptic plans allows players to recruit and customize the other people on the bridge of their spaceship, all NPCs. More from her article:

"Bridge Crews give your character some of the cooler powers in space. You start off by yourself," said Craig, "but you'll get your first Bridge Officer very early on, within the first hour or two [of play]."

Players will have full control of their Bridge Crew, being able to customize them with names, appearance, species and uniform of each member. You will also equip them, level them and choose their skills.

You can read the full article here.

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Jon Wood: Five MMO Wishes
Managing Editor Jon Wood finally got his own funny cartoon head and made his weekly lists a full on column. To celebrate, he counted down five wishes he would like granted in MMOs.

Every year, I have a tradition. It's a bit sadistic, but for some reason, I keep doing it. I go out and buy the newest version of THQ's Smackdown vs. RAW annual wrestling game. I don't do it because they're stellar games. In fact, I believe they've allowed both gameplay and story quality to steadily decline each year. I don't do it because I'm a huge wrestling fan, I'm not. While I do watch casually, I'm just not that into it, fact is that the only piece of WWE merchandise I own are these damned games. I don't do it because I have a secret crush on the girl who works at GameStop, I'm happily married and my wife says I can't do that anymore. So, why do I drop $60 every year?

The answer is simple: I can make myself. If I have the time and the inclination, I can sit in front of that character creator for hours and create a very reasonable Jon, all 5'6" of densely concentrated awesome, kicking ass and taking names. Plus, I've always wanted my own theme music.

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Vogster plans to launch CrimeCraft later this year. This free to play MMOFPS combines shooter elements, MMO elements and wraps them all into a near future world where everything has gone wrong and everyone has a gun.

The gameplay is 3rd person FPS, with plenty of missions, maps and instances for players to fight in.

The real bread and butter, though, is Vogster's desire to really capture the clan/gang market. They're heavily recruiting larger groups to get involved and try and take over the virtual streets.

To promote this type of gameplay, they've even planned for a professionally written in-game newspaper that chronicles the exploits of gangs within the game. This promises to be one of the neater wrinkles.

CrimeCraft is set to launch this fall and is published by THQ.

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