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In the news
This past week, Gazillion Entertainment announced that they had hired David Brevik, one of the creators of Diablo and former Blizzard North President to lead the charge on their upcoming Marvel MMO.

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Last week marked the official kickoff for the Mortal Online closed beta and on July21st, the lucky 2600 players who made it in to "block A" of the beta schedule got to try out the game for the first time.

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On the 22nd of July it was announced that the highly anicipated movie based on Blizzard's Warcraft universe would be directed by Spiderman director Sam Raimi. In addition to the movies based on the silk throwing superhero, Raimi has also directed the cult classic Evil Dead franchise.

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Age of Conan Re-Review

Age of Conan, which struggled with difficult launch, has made a number of improvements over the last year and so sent Joe Iuliani back into Hyboria to take another look at the game. Here is an excerpt:

"The music for AoC is nothing less than spectacular. After years of amassing a variety of computer game collector's editions (yes, I'm that guy), I've finally found an accompanying audio disc that has found it's way from the dust cocoon on my shelf to my Ipod."

You can read the Re-Review here.

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Garrett Fuller on PvP
Every Wednesday, News Manager Garrett Fuller writes a column giving his take on some aspect of the MMO industry.

In last week's column, Garrett used his column space to talk about PvP in all of its forms, and the people who enjoy them. here is an excerpt:

"Some players are just simple killers. PvP servers foster the environment to go out and make other players lives miserable. This style of PvP plays into the survival of the fittest mind set. These players enjoy calling others "carebears" and mocking the worlds they play in. Remember manhunt as a kid or even the game of tag. The hunt for enemies is constant and at any turn it could mean the end. This idea of PvP is strongest in first person shooters, but also works well in MMOs. Why more studios do not put these styles of scenarios into games makes no sense. There are a large amount of players who truly enjoy being the killer. Imagine a WoW achievement for the most back stabs that resulted in character death. The desire to hunt and kill rests in our human subconscious ever since our cave man days. This type of PvP is a great example of the hunter/killer in all of us."

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This week, we bid a fond adieu to Sony Online Entertainment's The Matrix Online. Four years after the launch of the game and a decade after the launch of the movie that started the franchise, MxO is closing its doors permanently on July 31st.

To celebrate the game's passing, former Live Events team member Rachel Thompson shared her views on why MxO Live Content, long believed to be one of the game's strongest elements, actually worked.

When it was first announced, The Matrix seemed like an obvious choice for converstion into the realm of MMOs. After all, the virtual world that we all lived in according to the IP's mythology very closely resembled the world of an MMO. Unfortunately, for what must have been a myriad of reasons, SOE made the call to discontinue service for the game.

Interested players will be happy to note that the team plans to hold a special "end-of-the-world" event to cap off the game's four years that promises to thrill subscribers before they jack our one final time.

Said developer Daniel "Walrus" Myers in his official announcement:

"I have a lot of fond memories from my years working on MxO. We've had a good time in the Machines' little playground and will be sad to see it end. I hope everyone enjoys the last few months of playing The Matrix Online."

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