Issue 548
July 30th, 2016
Blizzard has finally taken the wraps of the next Hearthstone expansion. Called One Night in Karazhan, the expansion will feature four wings as in previous expansions. Legendary cards will also make their appearance as will nine new class challenges. In addition a new spellbound game board will make its debut. Players will need to have unlocked all nine heroes in order to play.
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After five years in development, the KickStarter-backed Starcraft Universe developed by Upheaval Arts, an MMO built using the Starcraft 2 modding tools, has finally hit open beta. The Starcraft Universe team raised nearly $90k via KickStarter and will continue to support the project through an Indiegogo campaign.
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Browser based, free-to-play, and littered with in-game purchases. All these things describe Eternal Chaos, a standard fantasy MMORPG developed by Playwebgames. For me, these three things are a trifecta of doom. These three qualities combined together are often a portent of disaster. Of course, there are a few stellar games out there that manage to break out of this stereotype, however, Eternal Chaos is littered with too many issues to ever truly become a shining star of the browser universe.
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During ChinaJoy this week, Tencent took players by surprise by revealing Transformers Online. While a teaser site was ferreted out earlier this week, Tencent confirmed that it is an Unreal Engine 4 game in the works. According to MMOCulture, the game will be a "role-based team shooter" similar to Overwatch.
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...but then I played The Elder Scrolls Legends. Seriously, as much as I love Hearthstone, I'm not so sure I can go back to Blizzard's CCG. When Bethesda announced TESL during E3 2015, many fans of the series were up in arms, thinking the title to be little more than a cash grab in an effort to follow the success Blizzard found in its own CCG. While TESL should feel largely familiar to Hearthstone players, Bethesda is doing enough things differently to make the game stand out on its own.
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Eternal Chaos Online deliver fantastic adventures quest driven interactive MMORPG browser game rendered 3D scene and graphics using a gamer influenced interface for more hands on gameplay. ECO story immerses a player in a western-style mythology inspired theme where players from all over the world can fight together. The player has to save the history through many time-travels, and get the chaotic evil and demons go back where they belong.
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