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.Issue 295, July 25, 2011
Top News of the Week:
Fans rejoice! BioWare plans on a series of beta test weekends for Star Wars: The Old Republic this September.

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BioWare announced that pre-orders for Star Wars: The Old Republic have begun at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

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This year's San Diego Comic-Con revealed two new upcoming powersets for City of Heroes: Beam Gun and Street Fighting!

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Final Fantasy XIV: The Official Review
It's been a long time coming, but's Lori May has been spending a lot of time inside of Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV. In the official review, find out if Lori May's expectations for the successor to FFXI are met or if the game falls short of its namesake.

Two words: Look elsewhere. While this might sound harsh, and I'll go ahead and apologize to those of you who actually enjoy this MMO title and are reading simply to agree or disagree with my sentiments, I simply will not recommend this title to anyone. If you love the series, I expect you to be disappointed; if you love fun, even addictive MMO video games, I can't imagine you being anything but disappointed. The elements of Final Fantasy XIV which are high quality and worth the purchase cost are buried underneath all of these totally unnecessary problems, and the poor design decisions.

You can read the full article here.

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Garrett Fuller: Why San Diego Comic-Con Sucks
In this week's SDCC-themed List, Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller takes a look at just how the mother of all Comicons has changed into something altogether unrecognizable. See if you agree with his assertion and be sure to add your own thoughts to the discussion.

That right I said it. San Diego Comicon has become a complete joke. Sure all you fanboys (and I mean that in a good way) can take your road trips, buy your plane tickets and hope to get on G4TV's coverage, but ask yourself what are you really going to see? This convention has outgrown itself. Here are my top five reasons why San Diego Comicon has become a complete laughing stock for gaming, comics, and the things that once made it great

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Game of the Week

This week's Game of the Week is Bioware's upcoming MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and why not? After all, the upcoming Star Wars MMO (the second, historically), is one of the most talked about upcoming games not only within the MMO genre, but in all of gaming.

With Bioware's reputation as a first class developer of single player RPGs, many video gamers find themselves wondering how the company will handle the challenge presented in the realm of multiplayer games.

With more and more information being leaked out about this game all the time, the opinions are coming in from all sides with players weighing in. Some would like to see the game more closely resemble the sandbox style of the original Star Wars Galaxies while others are looking forward to a near perfect continuation of Bioware's success with their previous Knights of the Old Republic title.

As information leans us more toward the latter than the former, it will be interesting to see what players think as this game comes closer and closer to launch.

Learn more about Star Wars: The Old Republic here, or check out our game list here.

This Week
Monday, July 18
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Tuesday, July 19
Guild Wars 2: Kicking Combat Up a Notch

Wednesday, July 20
Star Wars: The Old Republic: An Announcement of an Announcement

Thursday, July 21
The Secret World: The Same But Different

Friday, July 22
ArcheAge: The Trial System Concerns
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