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.Issue 345, July 23, 2012
Top News of the Week:
Zombie survival meets the MMORPG with the announcement of The War Z. Hit the link for details!

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Rich Vogel departs BioWare Austin (the folks behind SWTOR) amid reports of additional layoffs.

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Turbine has kicked off the closed beta for Riders of Rohan, the upcoming expansion to The Lord of the Rings Online.

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Pirates of the Caribbean Online: Review
We're putting Pirates of the Caribbean Online through its paces in our latest official review.

In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, players become pirates sailing the Caribbean in the time period of the movies. Many of the characters of the movies exist within the game, complete with likenesses of the actors, and serve as quest givers to provide direction during your looting and pillaging. Fans of the movies will find that characters, places and ships from the movies are abundant and help bring the game to life, but there is fun to be had for players new to the series as well. While possessing a number of flaws, Pirates of the Caribbean Online still serves as an entertaining way for pirate fans, especially younger fans, to get their daily dose of plundering.

You can read the full review here.

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Guild Wars 2: The Sylvari Experience
Last week, staff had the opportunity to check out the Sylvari starter zone in an exclusive first look at what the final beta weekend will entail.

These aren't your everyday elves, that's for sure. Like Garrett, I had the special chance to play as the Sylvari during this past week in Guild Wars 2. I didn't really expect to have but a passing interest in the plant-like creatures of Tyria, but now having had the chance to dabble around Caledor Forest and Grove (their home city) I can't help but think I'll be rolling an Elementalist or Ranger as a Sylvari at the end of August. Make no mistake, the Sylvari are ArenaNet's answer to the elven race in its fantasy setting. But as a player who's long grown tired of the Legolas mystique nerd culture seems to be caught up in, I'm happy to report that these beings who are quite literally one with nature are gorgeous, haunting, and downright fun when you get down to brass tacks.

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Game of the Week

Lord of the Rings Online is the premier MMORPG set in J.R.R. Tolkien's wondrous world of Middle-earth, brought to life through those most famous of books, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and wonderfully portrayed in Peter Jackson's movies. LOTRO brings you into the timeline of the events of The Lord of the Rings story, and sets you on a path that parallels the Fellowship of the Ring, aiding them on their journey to Mordor by performing tasks and adventurous deeds surrounding their path across Middle-earth.

You choose your character from a selection of races: Man, Elf, Dwarf, and Hobbit. Nine classes are also available, inspired by famous characters from the books, such as Burglar (Bilbo Baggins, Champion (Gimli son of Glóin), Lore-Master (Elrond Halfelven), and others. In your exploits against the Shadow growing in the East, you'll meet those extraordinary heroes, and many others, and be given tasks by them to support Frodo's mission, quest, thing.

As in the books and the movies, LOTRO brings Middle-earth into vivid and spectacular detail, only this time you get to experience it all in first-person view! Hobbiton, the whole of The Shire, Bree, Weathertop, Rivendell, Mirkwood, the Mines of Moria, Lothlórien, and many other places may be traveled to and adventured in, solo or with your own loyal Fellowship.

With a consistently updated storyline by way of installments called 'books', a variety of special in game events throughout the year, Monster Play (PvP), quality roleplaying choices, player housing, and many other options, Turbine is keeping LOTRO one of the most impressive MMORPGs on the market today. Oh, and it can all be enjoyed for free!

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Guild Wars 2: The Legendary Endgame

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The Secret World: Review-in-Progress Part Tthree

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Indepdency: Why Not an Indie MMO?
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