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.Issue 344, July 16, 2012
Top News of the Week:
Hit the link for details on The Secret World's first monthly update!

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The Ultima series will be reborn with BioWare Mythic's newly announced Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar!

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Play as the Sylvari and Asura in Guild Wars 2's upcoming (and final!) beta weekend!

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Myst Online: URU Live: Review
Myst Online: URU Live Review is a continuation of the wildly popular Myst and Riven games of the past. We've been putting Myst Online: URU Live through its paces to see how it measures up to its pedigree.

Myst Online: URU Live is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Cyan Worlds, Inc. It is the continuation of the Myst and Riven series of games and novels. The D'ni, a now-extinct civilization that lived in elaborate caverns under the New Mexican desert, were able to create books that linked to other worlds, or Ages. You play an explorer that feels compelled to solve the D'ni puzzles, help rebuild their civilization, and restore power to the linked Ages.

You can read the full review here.

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Ultima Forever: Britannia Reborn for a New Era
Ultima is being reborn as Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar, and we've got all the details before the title makes its debut at San Diego Comic Con. A cross-platform, online Action RPG, U4E will be playable on both your iPad and your PC and with friends. Read on to learn why U4E is Britannia reborn for a new era.

Ultima is Forever, and you'd be silly to think it was dead. Ultima IV is being reborn as Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar, from a small but dedicated team at BioWare Mythic, with Paul Barnett as the Creative Director. It'll be cross-platform on your PC (not Facebook) and your iPad and it won't cost you a penny to play. Oh, and it's a complete re-imagining of the classic Ultima IV, only this time you can adventure through Britannia with your friends at your back. It's not quite an MMO, and it's not quite an offline RPG. But it's all Ultima, and it's sounding like something we should all get excited about.

Check out the preview here.

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Game of the Week
APB Reloaded is an action MMOG title re-developed by Reloaded Productions and GamersFirst. APB is set in the modern day and features cops-and-robbers style gameplay. Players create their own avatar using an extremely robust character creation system being developed for the game, as well as choose from two different factions, the Enforcers or the Criminals. The city or cities in which the game takes place are contested 24 hours a day as players shoot it out to vie for control of the area. Players may also take advantage of a robust set of customization tools, to configure their avatar, clothing, crests, and even cars to their liking.

Learn more about APB: Reloaded here, or check out our game list here.
This Week
Monday, July 9
The Elder Scrolls Online: Giving It that Elder Scrolls Feel

Tuesday, July 10
Marvel Heroes: First Ever Gameplay Preview

Wednesday, July 11
Star Wars: The Old Republic: The New Free* Trial

Thursday, July 12
The Secret World: Review In Progress - Part 2 - Questing

Friday, July 13
RIFT: Summerfest
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