Issue 498
July 11th, 2014
A day after the sentencing of a member of Lizard Squad and subsequent Twitter tirade by Daybreak Game Studio's John Smedley, it appears that all of DGS's titles and its website are under DDOS attack, with players unable to log into either.
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rion Worlds has announced that the official launch day for Trove has come at long last. Players can get started by downloading Trove from Steam or via the Players can take on the role of any one of nine playable classes, adventure through dungeons, take part in crafting, venture through landscapes and lairs and much more.
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Over the last two weeks we have touched on the build up to Heavensward and some of the new systems in the game. This week I want to talk about the reason we have headed north to begin with, the remaining two classes; Machinist and Astrologian, as well as the Mac brewhaha. Next week I'll do the official review and but a bow on it.
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Skyforge Founders can now log into the game to get a jump start on next week's open beta. Devs announced that progression gained from now through the eventual end of open beta testing will be retained when the game officially launches later this summer.
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It's easy to get carried away with cynicism. The MMO market is lacking in both quality and quantity for new releases, as well as overall diversity. We've reached a point where the games available cater to a wide range of different audiences and anything new is seen as little more than a hybrid of concepts or unappealing to the mass market. Innovation isn't dead; it's just harder to come by these days.
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Kyn is a single player, strategic action RPG. Blending multiple genres, the player controls up to six Vikings in a challenging world where magic is present. Magic, both coveted and feared, has been one only the most skilled warriors had access to. Now that peace is threatened by what may be abuses of that very magic, it may be something you need to learn to harness. The game features lots of enemies to fight, loot to collect, and tactical combat to keep you busy and guessing as you explore the vast lands of the Norse-inspired world.
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