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Issue 293, July 11, 2011
In the news
CCP Games and EVE Online's Council of Stellar Management have announced the emergency summit held to address issues surrounding the launch of the Noble Exchange, EVE Online's in-game store, was a success.

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Sony Online Entertainment took the wraps off of PlanetSide 2 this week, launching the game's official website, replete with screenshots, a debut trailer, and a FAQ.

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Nexon recently announced the dates for the open and closed beta tests of their upcoming free-to-play MMO, Dragon Nest.

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Introducing User Features & Reviews
Global Agenda: Revisiting Dome City
We at are committed to making sure that game we review not only are hit with the initial review on release but also to revisiting popular titles further down the road after patches and content updates or expansions have come into play. With that in mind,'s Robert Fooks brings us a re-review of Global Agenda.

For those who have had the pleasure of experiencing GA in its current and former embodiments, witnessing the transformation of GA from what it was to what it is today has been quite a ride. Few games which embrace the F2P model experience such a fruitful revival as GA has. It is clear to me that much of this success is due to Hi-Rez Studio's chosen profit model. Primarily because, unlike many of its F2P brethren, GA has elected to put emphasis on ensuring the game continues to be more about simply playing and competing and less about what micro-transaction will be most beneficial. This, when coupled with the steady addition of quality content, simply means the game has improved.

You can read the full article here.

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ArcheAge: Jake Song Interview
ArcheAge is one of the most highly-rated and highly-anticipated games capturing our readers' attention here at Our own Garrett Fuller had the privilege to interview XLGames' CEO and President Jake Song to talk about ArcheAge. They covered a wide variety of topics and it's definitely a must-read for eager fans of ArcheAge.

There are 10 abilities in ArcheAge and each player can combine 3 out of 10. That makes 120 unique classes. In the current class system, even if you are in the same class, players can choose the skills they want to learn, and I think this would give originality to each character. If certain skills are too strong, then players will only make the classes that can use that skill. To avoid such situations, we are considering making skills that are not too strong, but can give characteristics to the class. For instance, for the Bard class, there can be a skill that can sing. I think skills that match the classes' names go well with ArcheAge's features.

-Jake Song

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This week's Game of the Week is Funcom's The Secret World.

The Secret World is an in-development MMORPG by Funcom. An original story, it will take place in the modern day as well as ancient mythology and civilizations long gone, blending these elements into what is being called a dark fantasy with supernatural elements.

A battle between good and evil will unfold and players will be a part of it, building up their supernatural powers (there are no classes) and shaping their characters as they desire. The game will also include depictions of some real locations as well as fictional ones.

Learn more about The Secret World here, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
Monday, July 4
Battlestar Galactica Online: PvP Interview with Sarah Levantine

Tuesday, July 5
Guild Wars 2: More Than a Themepark

Wednesday, July 6
Star Wars: The Old Republic: Classic Star Wars Games and TOR

Thursday, July 7
Coyote's Howling: I Stole From My Mother

Friday, July 8
SOE Fan Faire 2011: Two Expansions and PlanetSide 2
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