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Issue 213, January 4th, 2010
In the news
News out of the Virtual World Entropia Universe last week revolved primarily around the auction for the "Crystal Palace Space Station," which, at the time of the news item's posting on December 28th, had garnered more than $100,000 USD in bids. Who says there's no money in virtual worlds?

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It isn't every day that angry emails force a charity to pull out of cooperation with a partner company, but that's exactly what happened when Child's Play backed out of a fundraising event that they were working on in concert with Atlantica Online when fans of the game who were not pleased with the promotion, complained.

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On December 29th, just before the beginning of a new year, Age of Conan's Director Craig Morrison released one last Letter From the Game Director, this time highlighting patch 1.06, Rise of the Godslayer and more!

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Review of Rohan: Blood Feud

Last Thursday,'s Jaime Skelton reviewed Rohan: Blood Feud, a Free to Play style PvP centric MMORPG. The game scored a 5.7 rating, dubbed "poor" through our rating scale. In the end, she cited a lack of polish and substance, among other things, for the lackluster review. Here is an excerpt from the review:

It seems many games these days are seeking to hearken back to a golden era of open PvP that many of us first knew in Ultima Online. Not satisfied with "carebear" servers that provide no player to player risk, or do so but with incredible cushioning to the victim, many games in recent years have sought to rekindle the flame of open-world PvP where no one is safe.

You can read the full article here.

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STO Lore Interview

On December 29th,'s Jon Wood had a chance to sit down and talk to Cryptic's Christine Thompson about the company's handling of the lore in one of the most beloved sci-fi properties of all time. Here is an excerpt:

We look at the soft canon like novels and comics, but we don't feel compelled to use everything from them. Some things, like the "Countdown" comic series, fit perfectly, so we incorporated it. Other things don't work as well.

Also, since our game is set in 2409, we're decades ahead of the novels and the comics. We were always prepared to go our own way storywise because of that, and I think what we've done has worked.

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This week's Game of the Week is perhaps the most interesting slow-build success story in the MMORPG industry, CCP's EVE Online. Starting back in 2003 with a player base of somewhere around 25,000, this space-based MMO has grown somewhere in the range of 1200% to rest at 300,000 plus subscribers.

Not only has EVE Online impressed us with its slow burn to success, but also in the fact that the company behind the game seems poised to unleash what may be the industry's first Virtual Universe, consisting of different games operating simultaneously on different platforms in the same online universe. This is all happening, of course, around the development of DUST 514, a console shooter designed to interact with the previously existing game.

For anyone who might be interested in the other goings on of the company behind EVE Online, CCP, our own Garrett Fuller recently penned CCP in 2010, a look ahead at what the studio has in store for players going into the new year.

Check out Fuller's article here, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
Monday, December 28
Shantotto Ascension - Hands On Report

Tuesday, December 29
SOE in 2010

Wednesday, December 30
2010 A Year in Review

Thursday, December 31
A Decade in Review

Friday, January 1
Happy New Year!
This week, we name the winners of our Editor's Choice Awards. We've already revealed Funcom's Age of Conan as our Most Improved MMO, but who will win in the other five caegories? Log in to find out!
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