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Issue 217, January 25, 2010
In the news
The folks from Global Agenda announced details last week on the game's early start for players who pre-ordered the game ahead of time. The game, which launches on Feb 1st, will see early adopters jump into the game as early as Jan 28th.

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CCP announced the roll out of Dominion 1.1, the first patch after the most recent expansion which added super carriers and fighter bombers into the game.

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News started buzzing around the web when outside news sources began running the rumor, confirmed by unnamed sources, that Bethesda is already hard at work on an Elder Scrolls based MMORPG.

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Comparing City of Heroes to Champions Online

This past week, writer Bill Murphy took a look at City of Heroes and Champions Online, the two currently running superhero MMOs and stacked them up side by side to see which would come out on top:

For five years City of Heroes dominated the Superhero MMOG world, until its developer, Cryptic Studios, decided to move on and try something new. That something new was originally intended to be a new caped crusader MMOG set in the Marvel Comics Universe. But for reasons we may never know the full extent of, the title was scrapped by Microsoft. Cryptic didn't waste time in moving on. They secured the rights to the popular pen and paper role-playing game Champions and began making Champions Online to compete directly with their first child, City of Heroes.

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Mortal Online CEO Interview

The developers over at StarVault have been elusive as of late as they continue to put the finishing touches on their upcoming sandbox MMO, Mortal Online, but's Garrett Fuller managed to ask a few questions of company CEO, Henrik Nyström:

Recently we had to take a break for the Christmas holidays and this was right after a major patch that unfortunately introduced a lot of new bugs. Bad planning you might say but we felt we had to take the risk as we really needed to test all the new stuff.

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This week's Game of the Week goes to the game named's 2009 Most Improved MMO, Age of Conan.

Being named Most Improved MMO can be a double edged sword. On the one hand, it implies that the game was somehow flawed before, while on the other, it says that the game developers have worked hard to make the game better.

Both of these statements are true of Funcom's Conan as it moved from a rocky start to the point where the game's first expansion, Rise of the Godslayer, is beginning to build momentum.

As the new expansion moves closer and closer to launch, Funcom is letting more and more information slip out to the public. This past week here at, the developers revealed the new factions that will be available along with the new expansion.

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The Week that Was
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CoH: New Lead Designer Interview
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