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In the news
As it gets nearer and nearer to launch time, Star Trek Online announcements are coming fast and furious. This past week, the company announce a lifetime subscription available for $239

Read more here. confirmed the rumor early last week that Star Wars: The Old Republic, would indeed see a 2011 release date. This confirmation came after EA CEO John Riccitiello let word slip about the launch.

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South Korea's Supreme Court rules last week that virtual currency is the equivalent of real money, thereby opening Pandora's Box for RMT (Real Money Trading) as a legitimate business practice.

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Review of Earth Eternal

This past week, our own Bill Murphy wrote a review of Sparkplay's Earth Eternal. Here is an excerpt:

I've spent my fair share of time in games like Travian and Runescape, but traditionally browser games have rarely held my attention for longer than a week, probably because with the exception of the latter there just usually isn't much depth to them. After several spent with Earth Eternal however, I think it's safe to say I've found a browser-based MMO I can keep coming back to now and again, even if it doesn't quite replace my daily diet of higher profile releases.

You can read the full article here.

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EVE Online: The Year that Was EVE Online Reporter Andrew Wlaace took a look back at 2009 for the game that would be named's Game of the Year. Here is an excerpt:

February saw the downfall of one of EVE's largest and most well known alliances, Band of Brothers, after a turncoat director disbanded the alliance. Shortly after, Goonswarm- who also claimed responsibility for instigating the betrayal- and many others descended upon the Delve region to take advantage of their sudden loss of sovereignty. Despite quickly reforming as Kenzoku, it was the beginning of the end, and they were forced to pull out of their old home, before eventually disbanding later in the year.

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Flying Lab Software may not have made the biggest game in MMO history, but their nautical MMO, Pirates of the Burning Sea has been a fixture in the MMO landscape since its launch in January of 2008.

For those who might not be familiar with it, PotBS is a game set in the age of high sail as different nations (and of course a pirate faction) battle for control and profit. The game makes use of a unique combat system that has players concerned with cannon placement, wind speed and direction, ship angle and more.

While detractors from the game speculated that it wouldn't make it past its first year, Pirates of the Burning Sea continues to go strong and even influence today's newest MMOs (take a look at space combat in Star Trek Online).

It's with that in mind that FLS announced the Second Anniversary celebrations for their game which would see players square off against developers. This all begins this coming Saturday, January 23rd.

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The Week that Was
Monday, January 11
2009 Game of the Year

Tuesday, January 12
Global Agenda - Inside Beta: PvE

Wednesday, January 13
CES Hardware Roundup, One

Thursday, January 14
Catching Up With Entropia

Friday, January 15
A CES Look at LEGO Universe
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