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Issue 270, Jan 31, 2011
In the news
Bioware released a new video on Taral V, one of several Flashpoints in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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ArenaNet fully unveiled the Guardian, the latest addition to the Guild Wars 2 profession roster.

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Champions Online: Free For All, the Free-to-Play re-launch of Champions Online went live this week.

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Darkfall: The 2-Year Review
Aventurine's Darkfall Online has been out on the market for two years now. As is our habit, we are re-reviewing Darkfall Online in celebration of this milestone. Adam Tingle, after spending lots of time in game during the Survivor Guy series, has the 2 Year Review for your perusal.

So as we near our conclusion, what can I say of Darkfall? The game is brutal, challenging, and engrossing. In the UK we have a saying that if something is either loveable or hate-able in equal measure; it is like 'Marmite' (a tar like substance that is essentially spreadable beef) and Darkfall is easily discernible of this title.

The skill system is something that will appeal to those who crave freedom and endless choices - and even difficult as maxing out certain areas if devilishly tricky and time consuming. Grind too is one of those things that you will either find yourself consumed within, or oppositely loathing every step of the way. Within Darkfall is an immersive and entertaining experience that will appeal to your preferences of difficulty or challenge. For those who will not enjoy this game, it is a simple matter of taste.

You can read the full article here.

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DC Universe Online: Staff Impressions
This week marks the final weekly column devoted to DC Universe Online. While Bill Murphy gets the byline, the article is authored by several of our major site contributors. They have a few words for our readers about DCUO and how they personally feel about it. Check out the Staff Impressions from the likes of Jon Wood, Mike Bitton, Garrett Fuller and Drew Wood.

Now that DCUO has officially launched and planted its feet firmly in the industry as a live product, our weekly column on the game is coming to an end so that we might turn some attention to other unreleased games. That doesn't mean you won't be seeing DCUO coverage anymore around these parts, because as long as there's something to talk about we'll be typing it out. But before we wrap the DCUO Weekly series up, let's take some time to offer the rest of the MMORPG staff's opinions on the game. I know I've certainly written my fair share about the game, and there's more to come when my review hits in the next couple weeks as well. But to close out our weekly DCUO column, let me hand it over to my cohorts to tell you what they like and dislike about DCUO thus far.

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This Week's Game of the Week is Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Pirates of the Burning Sea is a nautically themed MMO set at the height of the age of sail in the 18th century, where pirates and imperial navies clashed over trade, colonial dominance, and good ol' pirate booty. And all of this is made possible by their detailed and visually impressive ship combat system, which is widely considered the best handling of ocean vessels in any MMO to date.

This game of adventure on the high seas is relatively young in MMO terms, having just launched one year ago. But since launch the development team at Flying Lab Software has been keeping up a rigorous pace in terms of improving the game with better game systems and new content, producing an average of one robust update per month.

More recently, Flying Lab Studios re-launched Pirates of the Burning Sea as a Free-to-Play game.

Learn more about Pirates of the Burning Sea, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
Monday, January 24
Free Zone: Recent Items of Interest

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The Rant: Enhance Your Calm

Wednesday, January 26
Champions Online: Free For All Launch Interview

Thursday, January 27
Guild Wars 2: Bittersweet

Friday, January 28
Garrett Fuller: Where Do MMOs Go Wrong?
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