Issue 472
January 3rd, 2014
The PAX South schedule has been released and it features an interesting panel on the main stage that will be hosted by ArenaNet co-founder Mike O'Brien and Guild Wars 2 game director Colin Johanson. Called "Beyond the Point of No Return", could it be the long-awaited expansion announcement? A new game perhaps?
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Backers and fans of Pathfinder Online will be pleased to hear that the Early Enrollment process will begin later today. Early Enrollment was delayed to allow more time for the client to pass the quality standards set by developers. In honor of today's big event, Goblinworks has sent along four exclusive new screens. Check them out below.
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Last time in this review in parts, I realised that I needed a flight stick. Fortunately I happened to have one buried in the house, left behind by my brother. Maybe I'll invest in something a little more fancy, but it did the job. It finally made me feel like a pilot, like I was competent. I went from viewing each docking with a mix of fear and dread to hotdogging them. From fitfully trying to slam my ship onto the pad and pray to gliding in on pretty fine vectors if I do say so myself.
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The Project Gorgon team has let us know that the game's Steam Greenlight Initiative has met with rousing success and is already on the 'approved' list. With the successful completion of the Greenlight campaign, the team can concentrate on getting a timeline together and shaping up the game client "Steam Ready".
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This is it, folks. The final round of this inaugural Great MMO Face-Off. Fans of LotRO and ESO have fought hard to get their games into the final round, while EVE and TSW are facing off for the third-place prize. Who will win?
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Pathfinder Online is an MMORPG from Goblinworks and Paizo Publishing based on the Pathfinder fantasy game world. The game will feature player-controlled settlements and kingdoms, randomly generated encounters as well as scripted adventures, a robust trading system, PvP combat, and much more.
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