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Issue 266, January 3, 2011
In the news
The details of the Rift: Collector's Edition were revealed this week.

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Masthead Studios announced the official (digital) release date for their sci-fi post-apocalyptic MMORPG Earthrise.

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An intrepid group of University of South Carolina students figured out how to get the Kinect working with World of Warcraft.

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Dynasty Warriors Online: The Review
In our latest review, Dynasty Warriors goes under the proverbial microscope. The review is penned by Bobby Travis and he gives readers all the information necessary to decide whether or not Dynasty Warriors is the game for you.

Dynasty Warriors Online is a semi-tactical, semi-RPG, massively multiplayer online fighting game. It is only the latest MMO to tackle the story of the war of the Three Kingdoms in medieval China's history, but it has an approach that is fairly different than any other. It takes a popular martial arts action game and brings it into a multiplayer environment, using instancing to basically turn it into a network of limited multiplayer games that all affect the overall lean of the battlefield that is the server. This approach works extraordinarily well for Dynasty Warriors, and will very likely appeal to people who like the series, like fast-paced martial arts action, or enjoy a good battle with little or no character development. If you are looking for a serious MMORPG, however, you should look elsewhere. Personally, I would have liked some more character development, or some sort of free-for-all, non-instanced server or arena action, but the game stands quite well on its own. As it is. For free. Any way you look at it, Dynasty Warriors Online hands you one hell of a spinning, flipping, bashing good time, with no commitments and no strings attached. Definitely worth checking out!

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Guild Wars 2: The Fifth Profession
In his latest column about all things Guild Wars 2, Community Manager Michael Bitton considers last week's tease from ArenaNet that the fifth profession will be announced in January. Mike has a strong opinion as to what that fifth class will be.

The Mesmer being in Guild Wars 2 is considered a foregone conclusion at this point by most fans closely following the game's development. This is mainly due to the fact there have been some pretty strong hints to reinforce the speculation: Mesmers were mentioned in the first Guild Wars 2 novel, Ghosts of Ascalon; a very "Mesmer-like" image appeared in the concept art slide at GDC this year; and the Hall of Monuments calculator for Guild Wars 2 clearly shows gear that bears strong resemblance to the Mesmer gear from the original Guild Wars as unlockable in Guild Wars 2 . It also helps the Mesmer was an incredibly popular and unique profession of the original Guild Wars, so most fans would be unsurprised to see its return.

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This week's Game of the Week is Rift: Planes of Telara, a fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Trion Worlds. In Rift, the world of Telara is being invaded by six different planes (fire, earth, air, water, life, death) through tears in the world called "Rifts." Players fighting for either the Guardian or Defiant factions are tasked with keeping the planar forces at bay in order to save Telara and drive back the forces of the game's villain, Regulos, the dragon god of extinction.

The aforementioned rifts make up the game's dynamic content features, as the rifts can open up in any part of the game world. The forces that spill out of these rifts will seek to spread their influence throughout the game world and even take over territory, leaving both a tangible and visible mark upon the game world.

Rift: Planes of Telara also features the "Soul Attunement" system, which essentially allows players to multi-class. Different souls are acquired throughout the course of the game and up to three can be arranged at a time to create a build. Builds can be stored for use in several loadouts, allowing players to prepare different builds for different situations.

Trion Worlds recently announced the 4th Rift beta event, which will feature levels 1-25 as well as instanced PvP play with Warfronts. The Warfronts beta event is set to launch this Friday, January 7th.

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