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Issue 269, January 24, 2011
In the news
PCGamer outed the "Guardian" as the fifth profession to join the Guild Wars 2 class roster.

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With the digital release of Masthead Studios' Earthrise fast approaching, the developers have released a new cinematic trailer to get fans buzzing.

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Players can expect to get their hands on the follow-up to SOE's sci-fi MMOFPS PlanetSide, PlanetSide Next, very soon according to recent comments by SOE President John Smedley.

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Darkfall: The 2-Year Review
Aventurine's Darkfall Online has been out on the market for two years now. As is our habit, we are re-reviewing Darkfall Online in celebration of this milestone. Adam Tingle, after spending lots of time in game during the Survivor Guy series, has the 2 Year Review for your perusal.

So as we near our conclusion, what can I say of Darkfall? The game is brutal, challenging, and engrossing. In the UK we have a saying that if something is either loveable or hate-able in equal measure; it is like 'Marmite' (a tar like substance that is essentially spreadable beef) and Darkfall is easily discernible of this title.

The skill system is something that will appeal to those who crave freedom and endless choices - and even difficult as maxing out certain areas if devilishly tricky and time consuming. Grind too is one of those things that you will either find yourself consumed within, or oppositely loathing every step of the way. Within Darkfall is an immersive and entertaining experience that will appeal to your preferences of difficulty or challenge. For those who will not enjoy this game, it is a simple matter of taste.

You can read the full article here.

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DC Universe Online: Some Concerns
DC Universe Online has been out in full retail release for the past week now. In his latest DCUO column,'s Bill Murphy has played the game for around twenty hours now and voices some concerns about the game.

It should come as no shocker that leveling to the cap is an easy task in DCUO. There almost seems to be a flat (if slightly arched) curve for getting from level one to thirty. However the game comes with a built-in alternate advancement system that not everyone seems to notice at first. It's bound to take character development far beyond simply getting new gear once you've hit the cap. For every 100 feat points you score by completing the game's "achievements", you are awarded a skill point. Feats award anywhere from ten to twenty-five or so points, and the skills offer some of the best additional stats to flesh out your character with in the game (especially when you start working on a secondary weapon set and open up boosted stats like toughness or dominance). I honestly think the staff could do more to make sure people know just how important Feats are to character development, as I can't count how many times I've explained that you don't want to abandon quests (even if you could).

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This week's Game of the Week, Earthrise, comes from the Bulgarian developer Masthead Studios. Announced in January, 2008, players have been looking forward to the post-apocalytpic science-fiction MMORPG for some time, and they'll have to wait only a bit longer as the game is currently set for release sometime in Q2 of this year.

Earthrise is set on the island of Enterra, where, following a catastrophic third World War, the remaining population has established a new and prosperous city called Sal Vitas. Sal Vitas is replete with all sort of advanced technology fitting of a science-fiction world, such as nanotechnology, cloning, and even quantum engineering.

The game features a unique skill-based advancement system and a wholly player-driven economy, as well as a strong focus on PvP. Players looking for their next sandbox fix should keep a close eye on Earthrise.

Learn more about Earthrise here, or check out our game list here.
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