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.Issue 320, January 23, 2012
Top News of the Week:
We recently learned that ArenaNet is in the planning stages of their open beta for Guild Wars 2.

Read more here.
A new video released by BioWare gives us a look into the next game update for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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Players no longer need a subscription to go boldly where no man has gone before as Star Trek Online is now officially free-to-play.

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Dungeon Overlord: Review
Ack! A Facebook game review? What ARE they thinking? It appears that there is actually a reason to check out Dungeon Overlord and we have tons of reasons why.

We're reviewing Dungeon Overlord today... I know what you are thinking: why in the hell are we reviewing social network games? As a virtual enthusiast myself, I feel your anger and your pain. I remember the days when the best entertainment a flash website could conjure was "Strip Snake", but as Dylan once sung "the-times-they-are-ah-changin'". Now we must suffer through the age of Facebook; the time of knowing exactly what everyone you have ever known is doing at any point; a time of being unable to shake those people you would rather forget from high school; and definitely a time when virtual cowboy hats, unthinkably boring farm simulators, and requesting "cabbage" from others is classified as "gaming" as well as social.

You can read the full article here.

More reviews can be found on our site here. 2011 Players' Choice Awards Winners!
A couple of weeks ago, we asked you, our valuable readers, to vote for those games you feel merit being called "Best of" for 2011. We have those results today so keep reading!

Well, it wasn't without a few road-bumps in our voting process (which we're 100% sure did not cost anyone to lose their vote), but the weeklong Player's Choice Awards voting is over and the winners are all but officially announced. Heck you can see how the results came out in the official feature still, if you'd like. But in the process of ceremony, let's go ahead and give the winners their due, shall we?

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Game of the Week
TERA is an upcoming 3D fantasy MMORPG. TERA intends to set itself apart with its lack of targeting, giving players full control over each move instead of targeting or hotkeys, emphasizing skills in combat. Additionally, the world will not be instanced, placing all players in the same space. This is also significant since player influence will play a huge role in shaping both Tera's economy and its community.

There are set to be six races, with eight classes to choose from, each locked in an ongoing war to protect his or her kingdom.

North American and European fans looking forward to the game were recently treated to news that the TERA will launch in the NA and EU this May.

Learn more about TERA here, or check out our game list here.
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Age of Conan: The Year Ahead Interview

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Dungeons & Dragons Online: Entering the Forgotten Realms

Friday, January 20
WildStar: What's in an Art Style?
Did You Know?
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