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.Issue 317, January 2, 2012
Top News of the Week:
BioWare has released a set of "mind boggling" stats on Star Wars: The Old Republic so far.

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The folks over at Wargaming have fielded a number of questions from fans regarding their upcoming game, World of Warplanes.

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Every year, the MMO Report team over at G4TV puts together a "Blooper Edition" of the show, giving fans a chance to laugh at all the year's various goofs.

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EverQuest II: Age of Discovery: Review
In early December, EverQuest II officially went 'free to play' and the "Age of Discovery" expansion was released at the same time. In our latest combo video and text review, we take a look at EQ II: AoD to see how it measures up to the glory days of the franchise.

I must say I had a very fun time being able to play Age of Discovery. I came up a bit short-ended, but not completely disappointed. My major issue with the game is that I don't think I would call it an expansion. If you are someone who was thinking about playing Everquest 2, make sure you try out every corner of what's available free of charge before taking out your wallet. There were a lot of features that I thoroughly enjoyed, but I just left a bit hungrier for more.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Staff Roundtable Review
As should be expected, more than a few of the staff members are playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. We've put together several key first-impressions type reviews for your reading pleasure which will (hopefully) tide you over until our official and comprehensive review comes out at a later date.

After doing my first flashpoint, the Esseles, I can confidently say I've never had as much fun in an instance in an MMO. The only problem is the other flashpoints haven't quite managed to measure up! Special mention also has to go to BioWare for the smoothness of early game access, and the stability of servers. I've had no instances of lag whatsoever in my week with the game and, personally, I don't mind the queues. A vibrant server community has already started to spring up, fostered by the decision not to include an automatic grouping tool and making people take to general chat for something other than obscure meme references and trolling. I've always loved Star Wars and the way things stand at the moment, with me already picking out what classes to level next to experience their stories, this game has enough fuel to last me for the foreseeable future...and I haven't even started PvPing yet.

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Game of the Week
This week's Game of the Week goes to XLGAMES' upcoming sandbox MMO, ArcheAge. ArcheAge is an medieval fantasy MMO that has clearly captured the interests of the community.

The game features CryEngine 3 powered graphics and its developers over at XLGAMES are promising to recreate the glory days of Ultima Online by providing the ultimate sandbox experience. To that end, ArcheAge looks to improve on many of the features gamers expect from a sandbox game while also boasting significant additions such as naval warfare.

ArcheAge is set for release sometime in 2012 in South Korea, though the game's fate as far as a North American release is still up in the air.

Learn more about ArcheAge here, or check out our game list here.
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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Mercenary Player Guide

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GameFace: Guide to the Huttball Warzone
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