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.Issue 371, January 18, 2013
Top News of the Week:
Jay Wilson has announced that he has stepped down as game director on Diablo III.

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BioWare has announced Game Update 1.7: Rise of the Gree for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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ArenaNet's Colin Johanson outlines what's ahead for Guild Wars 2 in 2013 in a new video available at the link!

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The Lost Titans: Review
The Lost Titans is an online action RPG that is aimed at fans of the genre. We've been testing out The Lost Titans to see how it fares and present our official review. See what we've got to say before leaving your thoughts in the comments.

It seems like there has been no shortage of ARPGs (or Action Role Playing Games) to hit the market lately. One might say that has something to do with the recent-ish release of Diablo 3 and other developers trying to get a small piece of that pie. Personally I welcome the competition. I love the ARPG genre and would love to see it expand so I can get my hands on more click-and-loot fest goodness. Taking said games online as much as possible also seems to be a current trend with a good number of hybrid ARPG/MMO style games hitting the market. I've recently been taking one such title, The Lost Titans, for a spin. But it's not quite on par with those high-profile releases.

You can read the full review here.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Asymmetrical Factions
We analyze the potential implications of The Elder Scrolls Online's racial arrangement across its three factions in this week's TESO column.

Any fan of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls games will be familiar with the distinct bonuses that help set each race apart from the next. Will Zenimax Online utilize these same sorts of racial bonuses in The Elder Scrolls Online? We don't know just yet. But if it does, what sorts of implications could they have for the game's three factions? The races as they are currently configured under each faction present some interesting possibilities.

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Game of the Week
TERA Online is a fantasy MMORPG from the team of Bluehole Studios, Frogster Interactive Pictures, and En Masse Entertainment. TERA's story is simple: the world is under siege by evil gods, monsters, and beings from the underworld, and it's up to the players to stand against their onslaught to save the world.

True action combat is the main draw here, meaning fighting is based on actual player skill. For example, in order to avoid getting hit in combat, a player must dodge attacks, and not just stand in place and rely on an arbitrary armor or skill rating. There are no factions, either. Players simply choose from seven races and eight classes and take on quests and over 600 monsters.

Learn more about TERA here, or check out our game list here.
This Week
Monday, January 14
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Final Fantasy XIV: Cerebral vs. Visceral Combat, Part Two

Wednesday, January 16
Star Wars: The Old Republic: Game Update 1.7 Reactions

Thursday, January 17
Bill Murphy: The Case for Never-ending Progression

Friday, January 18
Devil's Advocate: When Kickstarter Works...
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