Issue 474
January 17th, 2014
SOE's Greg Henniger has posted a letter on the H1Z1 to let players know what to expect (and not to expect) during the game's early access that kicked off today. Among other things, Henniger warns players that the game is at a very early stage and that there will be bugs, some bad ones likely.
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Though speculation has begun with the trademarking of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, little else beyond the name is known. That may end, however, on January 24th at PAX South and the main stage presentation to be given by ArenaNet co-founder Mike O'Brien and Game Director Colin Johanson. According to a press release, the pair will reveal what lies beyond the cliff hanger presented at the end of the latest living story update, Point of No Return.
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Elite: Dangerous is a direct call to my childhood and to an arguably more ambitious time of gaming. Open ended, vast, and procedurally generated. The march of technology since the first Elite has only served to let Frontier Developments create the sort of game that they, and I, spent years imagining.
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The Crowfall team has released a pair of new images from the forthcoming title by Artcraft. The first is a screenshot showing the character creation screen. The second image is a concept art shot showing 'city siege'. Both come with some explanations of what is seen and the design process behind each.
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The other night night was a bit depressing. After HiveLeader's excellent first impressions and livestream video, I was pretty excited for H1Z1. Even knowing how Early Access goes and how alpha builds get wiped and are pretty buggy messes, I'll admit that the thought of a PVE sandbox zombie survival MMO has my interest piqued. But a rough start to the EA launch, brought on by some pretty high demand, coupled with a contentious decision to let people pay for airdropped gear, has everyone's expectations a little down to earth.
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Crowfall is a fantasy MMORPG in development from ArtCraft. The game focuses on political alliances, as well as feudal conquest. Expected to follow ArtCraft's professed desire to create MMORPGs that promote risk taking, player skill, and competition. Crowfall players are expected to compete with one another, with the chance to take the throne in the offering.
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