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Issue 268, January 17, 2011
In the news
Those of you looking forward to the next Rift: Planes of Telara beta event should mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 25th.

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Masthead Studios has released yet another beta video showing off gameplay from the on-going closed beta test of their post-apocalytpic sci-fi MMORPG Earthrise.

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The Free-to-Play re-launch of Cryptic Studios' superheroic MMO Champions Online is set for January 25th.

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Darkfall: The 2-Year Review
Aventurine's Darkfall Online has been out on the market for two years now. As is our habit, we are re-reviewing Darkfall Online in celebration of this milestone. Adam Tingle, after spending lots of time in game during the Survivor Guy series, has the 2 Year Review for your perusal.

So as we near our conclusion, what can I say of Darkfall? The game is brutal, challenging, and engrossing. In the UK we have a saying that if something is either loveable or hate-able in equal measure; it is like 'Marmite' (a tar like substance that is essentially spreadable beef) and Darkfall is easily discernible of this title.

The skill system is something that will appeal to those who crave freedom and endless choices - and even difficult as maxing out certain areas if devilishly tricky and time consuming. Grind too is one of those things that you will either find yourself consumed within, or oppositely loathing every step of the way. Within Darkfall is an immersive and entertaining experience that will appeal to your preferences of difficulty or challenge. For those who will not enjoy this game, it is a simple matter of taste.

You can read the full article here.

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DC Universe Online: Launch Preview
It's no secret that's Bill Murphy has been looking forward to this day with great excitement: It's DC Universe Online launch day! In his Launch Preview, Bill outlines the good and the not-so-good about DC Universe Online as he's experienced the game throughout the beta. It's a terrific look at the game and something to give you a step up as you anticipate your own heroic adventures.

Not everyone's going to adore DCUO. I think I stated not just an opinion but a fact when I said it's going to be divisive game. There's a whole lot it gets right, especially in terms of engaging content and combat. But there will be folks who decry its lack of down-time things to do, and others who deplore its more twitch-like approach to gameplay. So I'll end this launch preview with this: if you're looking for a great superhero game that plays altogether unlike anything else on the market, and if you like a lot of action in your gaming, DCUO is for you. If on the other hand, you need more world-like features such as crafting, housing, and the like to make an MMO your home, then it's probably best if you skipped this one. For those who are looking for a new take on the superhero game, one that comes jam-packed with production value and fantastic action, look no further. It's already a very good game, but the fun will be watching it grow.

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This week's Game of the Week is Gazillion's Jumpgate Evolution. After a protracted media dark period during which many began to wonder whether this game might fit the vaporware label, the folks behind this game finally broke their silence leading up to E3, and at the event itself, we found out why.

The game that was originally designed and talked about has been taken back to the drawing board and will now feature, among other changes, a move away from instancing and toward a more open world feel.

Whether or not you're a fan of this game, it's hard to argue that what they've done isn't a) courageous and b) a good thing for the industry overall. It's refreshing to see a company that is willing to take some time to re-evaluate its direction with a game before the game actually gets into the hands of players.

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