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Issue 267, January 10, 2011
In the news
GuildWars and GuildWars 2 developer ArenaNet released a lengthy retrospective video detailing the history of the company.

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Masthead Studios, the Bulgarian developers behind the post-apocalyptic sci-fi MMOG Earthrise, have announced plans to expand the beta testing pool in addition to updating the beta with a slew of new features and updates.

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A release date of March 1, 2011 has been set for Trion Worlds' upcoming fantasy MMORPG Rift: Planes of Telara. Pre-order details are now available.

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Dynasty Warriors Online: The Review
In our latest review, Dynasty Warriors goes under the proverbial microscope. The review is penned by Bobby Travis and he gives readers all the information necessary to decide whether or not Dynasty Warriors is the game for you.

Dynasty Warriors Online is a semi-tactical, semi-RPG, massively multiplayer online fighting game. It is only the latest MMO to tackle the story of the war of the Three Kingdoms in medieval China's history, but it has an approach that is fairly different than any other. It takes a popular martial arts action game and brings it into a multiplayer environment, using instancing to basically turn it into a network of limited multiplayer games that all affect the overall lean of the battlefield that is the server. This approach works extraordinarily well for Dynasty Warriors, and will very likely appeal to people who like the series, like fast-paced martial arts action, or enjoy a good battle with little or no character development. If you are looking for a serious MMORPG, however, you should look elsewhere. Personally, I would have liked some more character development, or some sort of free-for-all, non-instanced server or arena action, but the game stands quite well on its own. As it is. For free. Any way you look at it, Dynasty Warriors Online hands you one hell of a spinning, flipping, bashing good time, with no commitments and no strings attached. Definitely worth checking out!

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Aion: Version 2.5 Overview
Aion players in North America and Europe have been playing Aion v2.1 for awhile and will see the second half of the update arrive in early 2011. Korean Aion players, however, are taking on the 2.5 update that will bring significant changes to the game. Community Manager Michael Bitton had the opportunity to sit down with Associate Producer Sean Neil to talk about what 2.5 will bring to the table.

One of the most significant changes to Aion in version 2.5 is the major update to the game's graphic engine. For those of you who felt their jaws drop when watching the Aion "Visions" trailer, version 2.5 will bring the game one step closer to that "vision" for the game, and you can expect Aion's graphical fidelity to look just like it did in the "Visions" trailer, though Sean did emphasize that these changes will not be mandatory for players, so those of you who running the game on your toasters can be at ease. Think of the graphics update as being similar to City of Heroes' "Ultra Mode", you'll be able to turn it on if your system can handle it, but you don't have to run it if your system isn't quite up to par.

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This week's Game of the Week, Earthrise, comes from the Bulgarian developer Masthead Studios. Announced in January, 2008, players have been looking forward to the post-apocalytpic science-fiction MMORPG for some time, and they'll have to wait only a bit longer as the game is currently set for release sometime in Q2 of this year.

Earthrise is set on the island of Enterra, where, following a catastrophic third World War, the remaining population has established a new and prosperous city called Sal Vitas. Sal Vitas is replete with all sort of advanced technology fitting of a science-fiction world, such as nanotechnology, cloning, and even quantum engineering.

The game features a unique skill-based advancement system and a wholly player-driven economy, as well as a strong focus on PvP. Players looking for their next sandbox fix should keep a close eye on Earthrise.

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