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Issue 219, February 8th, 2010
In the news
This past week we learned that Warhammer 40K, the highly anticipated upcoming MMORPG being developed by the good people at THQ, would be getting its big reveal to the world at this year's E3.
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The month kicked off with a bang as February 1st marked the launch of the MMOFPS Global Agenda. The game, which features a free mode as well as a more MMO-like subscription mode was available to play this past Monday.
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Last Tuesday continued the trend of launching games as Cryptic pushed Star Trek Online out the door and into retail launch. The game, which has opened to mixed reviews, also includes a controversial in-game item shop that allows players to pay for a few of the game's playable races.
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Ups and Downs of the Unlimited Trial's newest staff member Bill Murphy wrote last week about the "Ups and Downs of the Unlimited Trial," with specific reference to Mythic's Warhammer Online, but also commenting on the growing trend with MMOs in general. Here is an excerpt:

It all makes perfect sense from a marketing standpoint and plenty of games use the "free trial" as a way to hook new players. Having trouble convincing people that there's reason to play your game? Offer a free trial.

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Age of Conan: Wolf Mount Revealed

The team from Age of Conan is revealing more and more about their upcoming "Rise of the Godslayer" expansion. This past week, they let us in on some new information about their new mount system:

Eventually being able to ride a wolf into battle will not be an easy task, and the player must go through several quests where the wolf will grow with each quest completed. The types of wolves range from a small cub that merely follows the player around, to a fully grown wolf, capable of carrying its master and inflict pain on those standing in its way.

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This week's game of the week is the MMO that has been the hub of conversation ever since its launch early last week.

Like it or hate it, Cryptic's Star Trek Online has been one of the most talked about subjects on the forums. The game's detractors feel that it is too shallow a game, and many take exception to Cryptic's decision to include the game's C-Store, a place where in-game items are available for real money. In the early stages, this includes two playable races.

Fans of the game enjoy its casual nature and storytelling within the Star Trek universe, exploring a new time frame in Federation history where Starfleet is at war once again with the Klingons, the Borg have returned and all kinds of new surprises wait.

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