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Issue 221, February 22nd, 2010
In the news
This past week we learned that Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, the problem stricken company that was developing Stargate Worlds, an MMO based on the popular TV series, had filed for bankruptcy.
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CCP announced their summer expansion, Tyrannis which will focus on additional planetary exploration.
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EverQuest II released their sixth expansion on February 16th. Named Sentinel's Fate, the expansion adds 400 new quests, 12 new dungeons, and over 2,000 new items.
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Alganon Review's Jaime Skelton took a look this past week at Quest Online's Alganon, a game that she found lacking, giving it only a 5.8. here is an excerpt:

Alganon is marginally playable: a patchwork game sewn together with thin threads that keep breaking. Although MMO players have come to expect releases to be buggy to some degree, Alganon was clearly released before it had truly gone through enough development to be rid of bugs that players should expect to be handled.

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Sci-Fi MMOs (The Past)'s Bill Murphy launched the first part of a three part series looking at science fiction MMOs and their place in the genre. Here is an excerpt from past one, The past:

The first generation of graphical MMORPGs was bereft of any real Sci-Fi example. A game like Meridian 59 does seem to have the title of a more science fiction based setting, but as fans of the 1996 relic will tell you it was more along the typical swords and sorcery motif.

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This week's Game of the Week is perhaps the most interesting slow-build success story in the MMORPG industry, CCP's EVE Online. Starting back in 2003 with a player base of somewhere around 25,000, this space-based MMO has grown somewhere in the range of 1200% to rest at 300,000 plus subscribers.

Not only has EVE Online impressed us with its slow burn to success, but also in the fact that the company behind the game seems poised to unleash what may be the industry's first Virtual Universe, consisting of different games operating simultaneously on different platforms in the same online universe. This is all happening, of course, around the development of DUST 514, a console shooter designed to interact with the previously existing game.

With the announcement of their most recent expansion, Tyrannis, the team at CCP has shown a continued dedication toward expanding not only the content of their game, but its scope as well as players begin to be able to interact with not only the space environment, but planets as well.

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