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issue 220, February 15, 2010
In the news
Issue 17, the upcoming update for NCsoft's City of Heroes will bring with it a new look graphical update for the aging MMO. The game, which has been in operation since 2004 is now in competition with Champions Online and the upcoming DC Universe Online in the sub-genre.
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It just wouldn't be an MMO development cycle without a release delay, and Realtime Worlds' upcoming All Points Bulletin, better known as APB, is no exception as developers announced a delay until Q3 of 2010.
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Fans of Denmark's favorite plastic stacking blocks rejoiced this past week as Gazillion announced that beta sign-ups had begun for the upcoming LEGO Universe MMO.
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Global Agenda Review's newest staff member, Bill Murphy took a look last week at Ri-Rez Studios' recently launched MMOG Global Agenda, giving us the ups and the downs of the new sci-fi game.

So while I wish there was more PvE mission content to be had, as a launch product these missions are meant simply to supplement the PvP and Conquest modes.

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The MMOG Landscape in the 2000s's Richard Aihoshi writes this article about the way that games have changed over the past decade and speaks to three distinguished developers who share their thoughts on the decade's most notable developments and happenings. Here is an excerpt:

"...So as a developer of MMOGs, I genuinely thank Blizzard for showing what's possible and demonstrating that the right idea, executed correctly at the right time, does not have to be bound by the perceived limitations of the genre.""

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This week's Game of the Week is one that has been slowly gathering a great deal of fan support, even winning a most anticipated MMO nod in one of our competitors' reader's choice awards. That game, is APB.

The anticipation for this game shouldn't really surprise anyone as All Points Bulletin aims to bring a lot of the gameplay elements of games like Grand Theft Auto into the massive multiplayer realm.

Not only that, but I think that this game potentially appeals to the kid inside all of us that grew up playing old fashioned games of cops n robbers with the neighbourhood kids as the game looks to pit law enforcement players against gangs of evil-doers.

The game, which has been pushed back to see a launch in Q3 of this year will no doubt continue to turn more heads as new information becomes available in the near future.

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The Week that Was
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Thursday, February 11th
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Some Concerns about The Old Republic
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