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Issue 271, February 7, 2011
In the news
Square Enix announced that Fantasy Earth Zero will shutdown this March.

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Earthrise's digital release kicked off this week.

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ArenaNet announced that a new Guild Wars 2 demo would be playable at this yaer's PAX East.

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DC Universe Online: The Review
DC Universe Online is the first major MMO release of 2011 and Lead Writer Bill Murphy has been following the game since its announcement. He's got a lot to say about DC Universe Online in our official review.

As stated at the outset, DCUO is most definitely a game that will divide MMO players. Some will adore it for what it sets out to do, and others will deplore it for what it does not do. Some will decry its lack of crafting, while others will spend hours scouring Metropolis for the game's collections. Some will be happy for the brisk leveling pace and rise to end-game, while others will cry foul and say there's not enough meat to chew. The reality, in this reviewer's opinion, is that DC Universe Online is an exceedingly fun game held back from greatness by only a handful of extremely annoying neglects. Where it triumphs, it does so with grand aplomb. When it fails, it crashes with a resonating thud. I struggled with assigning a score to the game, because some of its flaws are absolutely enraging. But ultimately, the fun of the title still outweighs the missteps for me. SOE's latest effort is absolutely one of the most entertaining MMOs to come out in years. I haven't had this much fun in an online game in I can't remember how long. DCUO is a great way to start a release-packed 2011 and is only going to get better with age.

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Guild Wars 2: Jon Peters Talks Guardians
Late last week, ArenaNet announced the latest Guild Wars 2 class: The Guardian. Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller caught up with ArenaNet Game Designer Jon Peters to talk about the Guardian and what the class brings to the game.

I've loved playing this type of character in role-playing environments since my first D&D cleric. In video games, I've always gravitated toward them and then found myself frustrated playing the interface instead of the game. This was an opportunity to think about everything that I loved about all those characters that I created and distill it down into a package that we thought people would really love, and still allow them to be truly engaged in the game. We went through a lot of iterations on this profession, and it was very satisfying when we finally hit on what we have now because as we began to play, it started to actually capture all of those aspects that we were hoping for.

- Jon Peters

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This week's Game of the Week is one of the most frequently brought up games on our forums. Its launch propelled the name of an independent Virginia based development studio into the eye of the entire MMO industry.

If you haven't guessed by now, this week's Game of the Week is Dark age of Camelot, originally launched by Mythic Entertainment back in 2001. The game defined the now-trademarked Realm vs. Realm game design, and gave players a taste of what a game designed around faction based PvP could really be like.

Since the release of this game, Mythic as a studio has produced one and a half other titles. The first, a space-based alternate reality MMO called Imperator, was cancelled on the design room floor and the second, Warhammer Online, struggles to remain relevant among today's active MMO field.

Neither of those two titles managed to capture the practical and critical acclaim reached by the company's first title, but some still hold out hope that so long as EA keeps their Mythic branded studio alive that a Dark Age of Camelot 2 might be in the works, brining what is considered a classic game up to date with more recent titles.

Learn more about DAoC here, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
Monday, January 31
Rift: Planes of Telara: Beta 5 Report

Tuesday, February 1
DC Universe Online: Chris Cao Talks Content Updates

Wednesday, February 2
Star Wars: The Old Republic: If You Strike Me Down

Thursday, February 3
Global Agenda: First Anniversary Interview

Friday, February 4
Battlestar Galactica Online: Preview
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