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Issue 273, February 21, 2011
In the news
Following hot on the heels of Human Week, ArenaNet announced that the Norn would be the next race to be spotlighted.

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Red 5 Studios has revealed that a playable demo of their upcoming MMO shooter FireFall will be available at this year's PAX East.

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Bioware's Gordon Walton has parted ways with the developer, moving on to social game dev Playdom.

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CrimeCraft: Bleedout Review Community Manager Mike Bitton has been getting in touch with his inner gangsta by playing CrimeCraft's episodic expansion, Bleedout. He's got a few thoughts about CrimeCraft: Bleedout that you won't want to miss.

Ultimately, CrimeCraft is a free-to-play shooter/RPG hybrid with a low barrier to entry. If you are looking for a decent amount of RPG in your competitive shooter, you can't really go wrong giving CrimeCraft a shot (pardon the pun). Just keep in mind that you will likely have to spend some real cash to get the most out of the experience, and that the PvE content will almost certainly drive you crazy unless you are playing in a group. Otherwise, you're left with a fairly solid shooter with interesting RPG mechanics, but whether or not the game has lasting appeal will depend largely on how invested you are with the game's competitive features, especially gangs.

At this point the game is fairly polished (though there are some spelling mistakes in places), runs well, and has a decent amount of things to do. While CrimeCraft is overall an average game, the fact you can put it down and pick it up again whenever you feel like it is definitely a plus for the budget conscious gamer.

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Rift: Hands On Event Report's Ben Per Lee has a hands on report from a recent event for Rift. Ben has a few thoughts about dungeons, characters, rifts, PvP and more.

If you have the rig to run it, Rift is a beautiful game. On the highest settings, ambient lights, plants, magical effects, massive architecture visible from all parts of the world make Rift come alive. The developers can change much of this on the fly as well, allowing for massive server-side visual changes for events. New content is supposed to come to Rift quite regularly, so expect the game world to be changing often as well. On low settings, however, Rift looks a bit...flat. But hey, if you're running the game on a low-end laptop, you might deserve the vast swaths of texture, no shaders and bland lighting.

In the end, Rift still faces an uphill battle. Fantasy MMOs are very common, and while Rift has much setting it apart from the rest, if there isn't a substantial install base within six months, no amount of dynamic world battles and server side changes can make it good MMO. Thankfully, Rift seems to have fair and reasonable expectations for the world of Rift. Now all they can do is send it out in the world and see what happens.

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Guild Wars 2 is the upcoming sequel to Guild Wars. Currently in development at ArenaNet, Guild Wars 2 will offer the same free to play model as the original game series while introducing a host of graphical and mechanics upgrades.

Guild Wars players will find only their character names and achievements carry over, as everything else is planned to be completely new. Where characters could only move with mouse clicks, now there will be a full range of motion in 3-D for each character, destructible environments, a mentoring system to let higher and lower level players join forces, and additional layers to PvP.

The Mists, a new area, will offer large-scale world versus world battles in addition to the much-loved solo or guild versus guild PvP. PvP and RP characters will no longer be distinguished from each other, and the level cap will be higher than the original game's 20.

Notably, the land of Tyria itself will undergo shifts in terrain and structure following large-scale destruction vital to the game's plot. The plot is set 250 years after the Eye of the North expansion, and concerns the awakening of dragons long believed to have been defeated and rendered powerless in slumber. Their awakening not only causes panic but flooding and massive destruction as others rise up to try and stop this ancient force. A release date is yet to be announced.

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