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.Issue 324, February 20, 2012
Top News of the Week:
Longtime BioWare writer Drew Karpyshyn recently announced his departure from the industry in order to focus on his own writing. We wish Mr. Karpyshyn the best of luck in his future endeavors!

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ArenaNet provided fans with some juicy details on Guild Wars 2's World vs. World PvP in their latest update to the official ANET blog.

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'Battle for Earth' is the latest DLC pack to be announced for SOE's DC Universe Online.

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Spiral Knights: Review
Spiral Knights is one of those games that is curiously addictive and seems as if it's a game where players can while away some enjoyable hours.

Ultimately, I'd encourage you to give Spiral Knights a go as you'll know before you've expended your first 100 points of mist energy whether you want to keep playing. The question of whether you'll have the strength I lacked to grind your way out of the constrictions of the energy system is another question entirely. If you treat the game as a dip in/dip out sort of affair, then I think it's possible to really enjoy it. But it's certainly angled towards being played whilst waiting for your battleground or dungeon group to form, and not whilst waiting for the release of Guild Wars 2. If the energy system gets a revamp in the future, I'd be more than happy to look at the game again. But as it stands currently, sticking with the world of Spiral Knights requires saint-like patience and dedication...or perhaps just a willingness to use a credit card.

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Guild Wars 2: World vs. World - A Dream Come True?
The MMO world has been rocked with Arena.Net's latest blog post detailing the Guild Wars 2 World vs. World mechanic. We've got some thoughts to share about this epic system and what it means to the game and to the genre as a whole.

Not only is GW2 aiming to have some of the most novel and interesting PVE content around, apparently you never have to touch it if you'd prefer to spend days and nights in Tyria doing nothing but PVP. This... is why we want Guild Wars 2 so badly. They're trying to make a game that focuses on fun at every turn, and does away with the mundane and the needlessly derivative mechanics that make us frustrated with the genre. We'll find out this weekend if all these good ideas work as well as we hope.

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Game of the Week
WildStar is a sci-fi MMORPG developed by Carbine Studios. The game features a vibrant cartoony art style and places players on the planet of Nexus as one of three classes announced so far (Soldiers, Espers, and Spellslingers) each with unique gameplay mechanics along with a "Momentum" focused combat system that encourages players to kill things often and quickly. Outside of the game's visual style, WildStar's distinct gameplay paths are what's stirring up all the buzz surrounding the game.

Players can play the game pursuing combat oriented goals typical to most MMOs, or they can even opt towards a fully-functional path of exploration, where advancement is achieved via exploration of the unusual planet of Nexus. Not much else is known about the game at this time, but it's certainly a game we are keeping a close eye on here at

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LOTRO: Mounted Combat: A PvP Success?

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