Issue 477
February 15th, 2014
The Crowfall site has a trio of goodies for fans today. The first comes in the form of the first revealed spell caster called the Confessor. The Confessor's page has a small, but interesting, back story as well as both male and female screenshots.
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When SOE turned into Daybreak Game Studio after being acquired by investment company Columbus Nova, readers began to speculate when staff shake ups would begin. A week later and rumors are beginning to float our way that at least two major players at Daybreak have received pink slips.
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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the newest addition to the long running and wildly successful Monster Hunter franchise from Capcom. The game does not take long to thrust you into the action with one of the biggest threats you'll face making its appearance at the onset. In the opening minutes you are sailing the high seas made of sand and are pursued by a gigantic dragon that can also swim in the sand! He puts the sarlacc to shame.
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PCGamer has an extensive preview of the forthcoming Guild Wars 2 "Stronghold" PvP mode that will arrive with the Heart of Thorns expansion. In Stronghold, teams are given a fortress, each with a lord nestled deep within. Teams have two objectives: To protect the Stronghold and Lord; and to invade and kill the opposing team's Lord.
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We're at a turning point, people. Or rather, we have been. The MMORPG boom is over, and we're settling into a new era for these games. For many of you, that's scary. Some even seem ready to state that the MMO is "dead". I'm biased, but I'm not so bleak. In my eyes, everything that's gone wrong in the industry for the past 5 years or more has done nothing but make us free to explore the potential of what I consider the greatest genre there has ever been or will be.
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Shadow Realms is an upcoming episodic, online action RPG from BioWare. The game puts you in the role of a modern hero who wakes up with new magic powers, but also embroiled in a very old war. Players can join up to three other heroes in the co-op adventure, which will see new story updates debuting regularly. Fight shadow creatures all over a series of modern and old settings as you try to save humanity. All roads ultimately lead to the mysterious Shadowlord, who is player-controlled, opening up 4v1 battle.
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