Issue 526
February 13th, 2016
The notes from the latest Star Wars: The Old Republic Producer's Live Stream took place on Thursday, February 11th with the notes now published to give the lowdown on all the discussion. Most notably, the next chapter in the Knights of the Fallen Empire will launch on March 10th. Called Disavowed, players will Major Aric Jorgan of Havoc Squad.
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Ahead of its investor presentation, Activision-Blizzard has released the 2015 full year financial results. According to the report, A-B grew 32% year-over-year with record digital revenues leading the way both for Q4 2015 and the year overall. Destiny is described as having 25+ million registered users with over three billion hours played. Activision-Blizzard is anticipating a significant expansion for Destiny in 2016 and Destiny 2 in 2017.
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Blade & Soul may not be a new game anymore, having been out in other regions for 3 years now, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been anxiously awaited here in the EU and NA. But after all the hype, all the downloads and queues, how is the actual game after dozens of hours of playing? Blade & Soul seems poised to make a splash in the competitive PVP scene (just as it has in Korea), but whether or not it has staying power for PVE fans remains to be seen.
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The Elder Scrolls Online site has been updated with a comprehensive look at the new Thieves Guild systems and skill lines that will arrive with the new DLC later this month. Players can look forward to a new TG passive skill line, the Larceny System, Mementos and Assistants.
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After last week's announcement from Funcom about the latest sandbox MMO Conan: Exiles we quickly got the team to do an interview about the game. Conan remains a hugely popular franchise and Funcom has a rich history with the brand after Age of Conan's release. Now with games coming out in early access and offering a much more hardcore style of survival play, the company wants to bring Conan into the new age of smaller scale MMOs.
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Darkfall Online is a fantasy MMORPG where thousands of players could exist on each server. Players were able to create their characters and develop them the way they liked. The game was fully sandbox and based in a PvP combat system where there were no safe zones. Darkfall was originally shut down in November of 2012 to make way for its sequel, Darkfall: Unholy Wars. In 2016, the original game and all assets were purchased by Ub3rgames to be brought back online for its fans.
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