Issue 596
December 3, 2017
Rather than run a Destiny 2 live stream today, Bungie opted to post a detailed blog to provide players with insight into its lack of transparency over the recently discovered XP mechanic. Over the course of the last week, players have been loudly castigating Bungie for what it felt was a way to unfairly treat high end players. "Our intention was to keep slower-paced activities as rewarding as high intensity grinding without confusing variations in displayed XP values", Bungie wrote.
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If you've been waiting for the Mystic Class to hit Black Desert Online, we have good new for you today. Kakao has sent word that the class will appear in game starting December 13th. But wait! There's more! Starting December 6th, you'll be able to "pre-customize" your Mystic and will receive some nifty gifts just for doing so. These prizes will be handed out once the Mystic is live in game.
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Just this week, launched the massive Shadowblade update for Revelation Online. With a new class, tons of new content and improvements, it might be time to dip your toe back into the free to play MMORPG. Read on as we're outlining all the new stuff to play with in the Shadowblade update.
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Roberts Space Industries is selling Star Citizen fans and players claim licenses used for parcels of land in two sizes. For $50, you can own a 4km x 4km plot or for $100, you can cozy up to an 8km x 8km parcel. The purchase price also includes a "Geotack marking beacon" to easily find your slice of the heavens as well as to provide you with real-time information on local weather. While available for real world dollars, players can also earn parcels through normal gameplay progress.
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Way back in 2010, we wrote a List of the Top 5 PVP MMOs. Well, seven years on (almost eight), how does it hold up? Read on to find out.
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World of Warships, previously known as World of Battleships, is a free-to-play naval action MMO from Following in the tradition of's World of Tanks and World of Warplanes series, World of Warships allows players to command a variety of military vessels and engage in fast-paced, massive strategic battles.

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