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In the news
On Thursday of last week, Cryptic Studios confirmed information that the Klingon faction in their upcoming MMORPG, Star Trek Online would in fact be based almost entirely around PvP play.

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On Wednesday of last week, Square Enix announced sign ups for Final Fantasy XIV, the hotly anticipated follow up to the franchise's first MMO, FFXI.

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Hi-Rez Studios has finally announced the release date for their team-based shooter MMO, Global Agenda. The sci-fi game is now set for a launch on February 1st of 2010 and will be available on Steam and Amazon for pre-purchase.

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Siege of Mirkwood Review

This past week,'s William Murphy wrote a review of Siege of Mirkwood, the second expansion for Turbine's Lord of the Rings Online that expands the story into the forests of Mirkwood. Check out the following excerpt:

Overall, I find myself heartily impressed by what's offered in Siege of Mirkwood. I honestly can't clamor loudly enough in favor of Skirmishes, the new zones are fantastically rendered and brought to life, the dungeons that I've experienced thus far have been some of the very best Turbine's offered, and the base system upgrades are highly welcomed...

You can read the full article here.

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Hands-On With Mass Effect 2's Scott Jennings stepped out of his role as columnist this past week to bring us a report from a hands on preview of Bioware's upcoming single player RPG, Mass Effect 2. Traveling all the way to Edmonton, Canada, Jennings talks about the game and how it differs from its predecessor. Check out this excerpt:

That's the first thing you notice about ME2 - it's as much a shooter as a role playing game. We're assured that it's still story driven, there's still a bewilderingly deep level of character development, but player skill is much more of a factor (or to be blunt, it actually *is* a factor now) - unlike the first game, which was completely stat-driven in whether or not you hit an enemy, if you can hit the enemy onscreen, you hit it, first-person shooter style.

Check out the Preview here.
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Ever since MMOs entered the marketplace, Star Trek fans have been waiting for their own opportunities to make their mark in their favorite universe and while Trek games of the past have allowed players to boldly go as the IP's iconic characters, never before has the universe been so open for players to create and exist as their own characters.

If the graphic above looks familiar, don't be surprised, it was published in last week's newsletter accidentally. Apologies to our readers and to the companies involved.

With that out of the way, this week's Game of the Week is Star Trek Online. For anyone who might not be aware, was recently granted early press access to the game's beta and as a result spent much of last week looking at Cryptic's upcoming MMO in a recurring series that we called, Inside Beta.

So far, Inside Beta has landed us previews on character customization, the game's faithfulness to the IP and the first three hours of gameplay. Keep an eye out this week for even more information on this. highly anticipated game.

Learn more about STO here, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
Monday, December 14
STO: Character Customization

Tuesday, December 15
Why Some MMOs Suck

Wednesday, December 16
Why Love the Sandbox?

Thursday, December 17
DDO: Dreaming Dark Preview

Friday, December 18
STO: Emmert on Klingons
This week, we will be announcing our nominees for the 2009 Editor's Choice Awards in categories including: Game of the Year, Most Anticipated Game, Most Improved Game and more.
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