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.Issue 417, December 7, 2013
Top News of the Week:
The cast for the World of Warcraft movie were announced this week.

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Early access for Galactic Starfighter, the second digital expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic, is now live.

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Square Enix has posted a new video offering an in-depth looking at patch 2.1 for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

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World of Trinketz: Review
Trinketz is a game that has been receiving some attention of late, a game that is aimed squarely at the early teen crowd. See how it fares in the face of other MMOs catering to the same market.

While playing the game, I felt like it was created for the five or six-year-olds due to the art choices and the overall style. All of the Trinketz strongly reminded me of the items in the Beast's castle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast or the vehicles in the Cars and Planes movies from Pixar, moving around in their fixed positions and having eyes that looked around. After awhile, it was kind of creepy holding shovels and wrenches with eyes on them, but I don't imagine a five or six-year-old would care too much. The landscapes were bright, and the items were well-designed in a cartoony sort of way and they all had names like this was Ikea or something.

You can read the full review here.

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WildStar: Engineer and Medic Revealed
Carbine Studios is on a roll today with the revelation of not just one, but TWO, new playable classes for WildStar. We've got the inside look at both the Medic and the Engineer so keep reading!

The curtains have been pulled back, the lid has been lifted and the banner has been unfurled. After months of rumor, speculation and downright trolling, WildStar's two remaining classes have finally been announced. There's the Engineer: a heavily armored handyman that's tooled up with a quartet of robots. And there's the Medic, a medium-range but highly mobile class that brings persistent damage and high-tech healing.

Check out the preview here.

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Game of the Week
TERA Online is a fantasy MMORPG from the team of Bluehole Studios, Frogster Interactive Pictures, and En Masse Entertainment. TERA's story is simple: the world is under siege by evil gods, monsters, and beings from the underworld, and it's up to the players to stand against their onslaught to save the world.

True action combat is the main draw here, meaning fighting is based on actual player skill. For example, in order to avoid getting hit in combat, a player must dodge attacks, and not just stand in place and rely on an arbitrary armor or skill rating. There are no factions, either. Players simply choose from seven races and eight classes and take on quests and over 600 monsters.

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This Week
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ArcheAge: Wishing For More Answers

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Friday, December 6
The Tourist: Looking Back on Mists of Pandaria
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