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Issue 262, December 6, 2010
In the news
Paragon Studios announced the deployment of Issue 19: Alpha Strike to City of Heroes live servers.

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Electronic Arts narrowed down the release date of Star Wars: The Old Republic a bit recently, players shouldn't expect to see the game until at April 2011 at the very least.

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Masthead Studios dropped a lengthy video chock full of beta footage from their upcoming post-apocalytptic sci-fi MMO Earthrise.

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Mortal Online: Six Month Review writer, Adam Tingle, has written extensively about his adventures in the realms of Mortal Online in his Survivor Guy series. Due to his extended play experiences in Mortal Online, Adam has a review of a game that has just recently turned six months old.

And so we return once more to that fleeting feeling of excitement and desire for this game to succeed. Mortal Online is, contrary to certain beliefs, the game that we have been waiting for. It is immersive, ambitious, and packs an old-school bang that would keep the eldest amongst us happy. The future is bright for this MMORPG and if it succeeds, having both a ground based and space fairing sandbox MMO is an exciting prospect to say the least.

With my gushing praise and anticipation aside however, it must be said that this game is buggy as all hell, and it is not the game that it should be yet. Sure, there is still a great many hours of fun to be had, but without certain elements such as an Auction House the game falls flat in many directions. Unless you are ready for a brutal and slightly hindered experience, Mortal Online is one to look out for; however, if it meant a few hours of entertainment and supporting a company who truly have the communities best interests at heart - hell I'd recommend this game, us old timers need this game to succeed, we can't go on complaining about how times are changing forever.

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DC Universe Online: The 1-9 Experience
In DC Universe Online #16 is an exciting article for's Bill Murphy to write. He's got a hands on preview of his experiences playing DCUO from levels 1-9. That's right: Bill has all the gameplay information that fans and players have been looking for about DCUO and it's all right here at!

I'm going to end this one right here, because it's becoming obvious that I could talk at great length about this game. I will say that it may not be for everyone, but for those who have been complaining about the staleness of the genre this one is proof that change is coming. What remains to be seen is how deep the experience goes. So far up to level nine, I have yet to find myself bored. I've created several characters, repeated some content, and because the way the action is structured and the dynamic of the gameplay (and I imagine it only gets better on a PvP server)... it's just flat out fun. Next week we'll delve into the actual specifics of combat and skill trees. We'll explore the Hall of Doom, Legendary Arenas, movement modes, questing, and hopefully the Area 51 Alert. But for now, just rest easy knowing that DCUO plays like a polished and exceedingly fun superhero take on the MMORPG, and there's plenty of reason to start getting excited.

Check out the preview here.

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This Week's Game of the Week is Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Pirates of the Burning Sea is a nautically themed MMO set at the height of the age of sail in the 18th century, where pirates and imperial navies clashed over trade, colonial dominance, and good ol' pirate booty. And all of this is made possible by their detailed and visually impressive ship combat system, which is widely considered the best handling of ocean vessels in any MMO to date.

This game of adventure on the high seas is relatively young in MMO terms, having just launched one year ago. But since launch the development team at Flying Lab Software has been keeping up a rigorous pace in terms of improving the game with better game systems and new content, producing an average of one robust update per month.

More recently, Flying Lab Studios re-launched Pirates of the Burning Sea as a Free-to-Play game.

Learn more about Pirates of the Burning Sea, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
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Mortal Online: Henrik Nyström Interview

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