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.Issue 313, December 5, 2011
Top News of the Week:
XLGames and the ArcheAge Online team has released a new trailer to tease the upcoming closed beta test 4 in Korea.

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NCsoft has announced that the switchover to the "Truly Free" revenue model for Lineage II has been completed.

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Cryptic Studios unveils the first story trailer for their upcoming D&D themed MMO, Neverwinter.

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Fallen Earth: Re-Review
In our latest review at, we take a look at the post apocalyptic world of Fallen Earth. Read on to find out why it's said in the review that Fallen Earth is the "front runner for the Sandbox Crown".

If gaming has taught me anything it's that a catastrophic, apocalyptic event will result in a sepia-toned world, and a few more Mohawk haircuts than usual. Steeped in the afterbirth of Fallout 3 and films such as Mad Max, Fallen Earth is pastiche to all things dystopia, as well as sandbox. Ultima Online has been and gone; Star Wars Galaxies closing its shop for good; the earthbound one-stop site for free form, non-linear gaming is to be found right here. It's brown, it's not exactly a looker, but it's free, and damn if it isn't enjoyable.

You can read the full review here.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Mirrored Classes
Recently we took a look at five not-so-great things about Star Wars: The Old Republic, but we may have left out one glaring omisssion: mirrored classes. This week's Star Wars: The Old Republic column examines the mirrored class design found in the game and how it impacts the overall experience.

Having mirrored classes generally implies that each class has a counterpart on the opposing faction, but in Star Wars: The Old Republic this idea is taken quite literally. SWTOR's class mirrors are actually not just extremely similar, but identical. For example, if you've played a Smuggler, you've played an Imperial Agent, and if you've played a Bounty Hunter, you've played a Trooper. Sure, they use different looking gear, their animations are flavored and styled to be class appropriate, but otherwise every skill and every talent is completely identical.

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Game of the Week
WildStar is a sci-fi MMORPG developed by Carbine Studios. The game features a vibrant cartoony art style and places players on the planet of Nexus as one of three classes announced so far (Soldiers, Espers, and Spellslingers) each with unique gameplay mechanics along with a "Momentum" focused combat system that encourages players to kill things often and quickly. Outside of the game's visual style, WildStar's distinct gameplay paths are what's stirring up all the buzz surrounding the game.

Players can play the game pursuing combat oriented goals typical to most MMOs, or they can even opt towards a fully-functional path of exploration, where advancement is achieved via exploration of the unusual planet of Nexus. Not much else is known about the game at this time, but it's certainly a game we are keeping a close eye on here at

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