Issue 519
December 19th, 2015
Riot Games, developer of League of Legends, has announced that Tencent has purchased the remaining equity in the company making it now fully-owned by the Chinese investment holding firm. Riot said that the deal was made in order to provide employees with a cash-based incentive program to make the company more competitive in terms of benefit packages and more.
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Visceral Games has all but announced that it is ramping up work on a new open world RPG set in the Star Wars universe. Former Assassin's Creed producer Jade Raymond is joined by Uncharted writer Amy Hennig, a star-power pair that is sure to generate huge hype for the game. The news was discovered by via an ad placed on the EA/Visceral site.
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It's very rare that I have a hard time finding that silver lining or redeemable quality in a game. Elite Lord of Alliance is one of those rare cases. It's evident early on that this was a quick attempt by Webzen to cash in the growing ARPGMMO movement in the east and its lack of genre specific representative titles in the west.
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Marvel Heroes 2015 end-game players will want to check out the new game mode called "The Danger Room". The Danger Room is an event that will feel different each time it is run due to randomized levels, missions, bosses, hazards and modifiers. A special item dropped called a Danger Room Scenario can be used to create instanced, multi-stage simulations.
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The nominees were chosen by the staff here at MMORPG based on the games we expect will actually ship/launch in 2016. If we're missing one, it's because we don't think it'll make 2016's calendar year. Camelot Unchained, for instance, is a long shot to land as launched in 2016, so it'll be included in next year's Most Anticipated. We're watching you, MJ! EverQuest Next? We're all still hoping to learn about it in 2016, but we're betting it'll make its full launch in 2017. That's just a hunch, but we wanted you to know our thinking behind excluding both of those games.
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MechWarrior Online is the next installment in the MechWarrior franchise. Developed by Piranha Games and published by Infinite Games, it's set to be a premium free-to-play game based on four pillars: Mech Warfare, Role Warfare, Community Warfare, and Information Warfare. Players will be able to take command of their BattleMech battlefield behemoths and customize them to suit their favored combat roles by upgrading systems, replacing weapons, and tweaking armor from a vast list of options. Ally with one of the five great houses, or create your own Mercenary Corps and take on other Merc Corps for control of the Inner Sphere planets.
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