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.Issue 315, December 19, 2011
Top News of the Week:
Service for Star Wars Galaxies came to a close this week, marking the end of the long-running Star Wars MMO.

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NCsoft announced that Aion would be going free-to-play in February.

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BioWare kicked off the Early Access program for Star Wars: The Old Republic last week, offering pre-order customers a bit of a headstart before launch.

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Perpetuum: Review
CCP has been sitting atop the sci-fi MMO hill for a long while now with all challengers somehow being repelled. But in our latest review, we opine that Perpetuum Online, given enough time and love, may finally be the one to at the least make CCP share the king of sci-fi MMOs title.

This is Perpetuum. In the distant future, humanity has advanced far beyond the contemporary understanding of science (and possibly created the microwavable Pizza from Back to the Future 2), and as such a new source of energy is needed. Discovering tiny wormholes, Earth-dwellers happen across a planet by the name of Nia, which just happens to be inhabited by warring-robot overlords, but hey, why would that stop you from eyeing up the landscape with fabric swatches?

You can read the full review here.

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Guild Wars 2: The Mesmer Revealed
While it was inadvertently leaked earlier this week that the Mesmer was the final class in Guild Wars 2, no other information has been available UNTIL TODAY! We have worked with ArenaNet and NCsoft to bring our readers a few thoughts about the dazzling Mesmer.

So what about the Mesmer? For those who may not have played Guild Wars 1, the Mesmer was originally designed as a support character, a class filled with tricks and debuffs. Sadly, the Mesmer was often overlooked in party play due to a lack of real offensive power. But today's Mesmer ain't your mama's Mesmer and ArenaNet has gone a long way to give more firepower to the class, making it a must-have party member.

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Game of the Week
WildStar is a sci-fi MMORPG developed by Carbine Studios. The game features a vibrant cartoony art style and places players on the planet of Nexus as one of three classes announced so far (Soldiers, Espers, and Spellslingers) each with unique gameplay mechanics along with a "Momentum" focused combat system that encourages players to kill things often and quickly. Outside of the game's visual style, WildStar's distinct gameplay paths are what's stirring up all the buzz surrounding the game.

Players can play the game pursuing combat oriented goals typical to most MMOs, or they can even opt towards a fully-functional path of exploration, where advancement is achieved via exploration of the unusual planet of Nexus. Not much else is known about the game at this time, but it's certainly a game we are keeping a close eye on here at

Last week was WildStar week here at, so be sure to check out all the new WildStar content at the link(s) below!)

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