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.Issue 418, December 14, 2013
Top News of the Week:
Release 1 of Shroud of the Avatar is now available to backers.

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Fifteen employees were let go at World of Darkness studio CCP Atlanta this week.

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Elder Scrolls Online will release in April, 2014.

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WildStar: Turning into a Formidable MMO
WildStar is turning out to be a formidable MMO. We spent some time with the game recently and have lots to share!

Of course, graphics and story are mere seasoning; it's gameplay that's the meat. At this stage it's hard to tell how Wildstar's notions of dual DPS/Healer (or tank) characters will really work, either alone or in groups, and more time is definitely needed to see how the different character builds play out. The good news is that the game has ample attributes to tinker with and plenty of opportunities to develop your character. (Personally, I'm tickled that one of the attributes is "moxie.") The controls are also nice. By holding down the Shift key, characters can sprint for a short period, which makes running less of a chore, and things like talking to people and picking up loot are automatically streamlined through the use of keyboard controls. Finally, a quick double tap on the S or W keys allows you to dodge attacks.

You can read the full preview here.

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DC Universe Online: Chatting War of the Light with Jens Andersen
We recently had a chance to sit down with DCUO's Jens Andersen to learn about DLC 9: War of the Light Part One.

As Jens explained to us, Part One will see the various Lantern Corps groups converge on Earth in a new version of Metropolis available to DLC owners. In Metropolis, players will notice various multi-colored prismatic mists weaving their way through the city's streets, affecting the populace in a variety of ways. What is known is that these mists are somehow tied to the emotional spectrum that typically gives Lantern Corps members their powers. In one example Jens gave us, citizens encountering a red mist would then become enraged. Rage, of course, is the source of power for every Red Lantern Corps member.

Check out the interview here.

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Game of the Week
WildStar is an upcoming sci-fi MMORPG with a stylized cartoon-ish look currently in development by NCSoft's Southen California-based Carbine Studios. Play will be set on the newly discovered planet of Nexus, once home to the technologically advanced race called the Eldan. Long ago, they mysteriously vanished.

Now that the planet has been rediscovered, Explorers, Soldiers, Scientists, and Settlers are coming here from across the galaxy in search of adventure, fortune, and possibly the dark secrets of the Eldan. Stay tuned for more information!

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PvP: Dungeon Finders -- Good or Bad?

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EverQuest Next: Explaining It All
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