Issue 580
August 5th, 2017
Mordor, the long-awaited expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online, is available to play today. This expansion allows players the ability to explore the shadowy lands beyond the Black Gate.
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Today's a big day for Guild Wars 2 with the announcement of the game's next expansion, Path of Fire. It will begin right where Season 3 ended without breaks with Season 4 starting immediately. "This new expansion is all about content".
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I have been playing Path of Exile since the very first closed beta. It's been my go to ARPG ever since then. Most importantly the depth of the game and the amazing replayability. Oriath changes a lot of the core game and some things I like and some things I dislike. It's bound to happen, changes to a game we don't like. For this look, I would like to just go over those things and express my concerns and express my joy depending.
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Funcom has announced The Frozen North as the first expansion to Conan Exiles. The game world will grow by 70% and comes packed with new content and a host of game improvements. The Frozen North will go live on August 16th.
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Path of Fire, the second expansion, has just been revealed with a huge chunk of juicy details to get the hype train well and truly out of the station. For both veterans and new players alike, this is by far the juiciest announcement Arenanet have made, containing some huge reveals and details about the new content and new ways to play the game.
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Guild Wars 2 is the sequel to ArenaNet's flagship title, Guild Wars. GW2 aims to fix a lot of what's "wrong" in the MMO world. With reworked combat mechanics, a focus on Dynamic Events, voiced quest dialog, several new professions, fan-favorite races, and the massive open world of Tyria, Guild Wars 2 is far more epic in scope than the original... while still retaining the F2P business model. The reliance on a holy trinity of class-roles is gone too, with every profession in GW2 being able to take on several roles, including that of a healer. On top of it all, there are also several unique forms of PvP for the competitive gamer: from match-made contests that any gamer will be familiar with to massive World vs. World vs. World wars that pitch entire servers against one another. ArenaNet hopes there is something for everyone in Guild Wars 2.

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