Issue 582
August 20th, 2017
Players who have purchased a top tier Founder's Pack can now download the Dauntless client and get started. The Founders' Alpha will run 24/7 from today through August 31st. The closed beta is expected to kick off on September 1st when anyone having purchased a Founder's Pack will gain access.
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To coincide with the launch of CBT #5, there's also a new trailer for Life is Feudal: MMO. This new trailer focuses on the power of the Guild, and the value of teaming up with other players to form Guilds, as there's safety in numbers!
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The Lord of the Rings Online has a long history of putting players into iconic moments and settings from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendary legendarium, and this tradition continues with the release of Mordor, the long-running MMORPG's newest expansion. Taking place following the events of the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, LOTRO wastes little time reminding players that indeed, within the Land of Mordor, the Shadows still lie.
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Funcom has announced the release of The Frozen North, the first major content expansion for Conan Exiles. In addition, XBox One players will finally be able to jump into the game to try to survive the wilds.
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This week Wargaming, the makers of World of Tanks, revealed they're ready to take their mega-popular free-to-play game to a whole 'nother level with a single-player/co-op experience they're calling War Stories. With the big news ready to break at this month's GamesCom, they invited us to try the new mode ourselves. The new casual-friendly mode is set to do right by its thus-far-overlooked PvE fans and bring an interesting new dimension to World of Tanks.
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World of Tanks is the first MMO of its kind, a team-based game of armored warfare with tanks of the World War Two era. Developed by one of the original sites for wargamers,, WoT gives players the choice of over 150 tanks to fight with, and allows them to be upgraded according to role and play style. Virtual tank commanders can now guide their battlefield behemoths with and against other players to find out who is the greatest iron cowboy/girl.

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