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Issue 191, August 3, 2009
In the news
Mac fans can get to smashing Orc skulls this fall. EA and Mythic announced that Warhammer Online would be on its way to the Mac this fall, and that the new version has entered Beta. Subscribers can check it out already.

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Aion's fifth Closed Beta weekend took place this past weekend, but the big news for fans of the game was NCsoft's addition of English voice overs. They showed some of them off in advance of the Beta.

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Studio Director Matt Wilson and some other key people at SOE Seattle have left the company to form their own outfit, Detonator Games. SOE insists that this will not alter or delay their upcoming spy MMO.

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Darkfall:'s Review
After some exhaustive play, has reviewed Darkfall. Reviewer Sean Bulger gave the game a 6 out of 10. Check out some comments from his review here:

"The interface over all is strange and doesn't stick to conventions. First off, since you are always in a mouse-view, you need to open up your main interface to fiddle with the things you might do in a GUI on an MMO. When doing any of these things, you lose the ability to control your character, but it frees up your mouse. You can then check any UI window, and with another quick button press everything vanishes and you are in control of your character again. It almost sounds elegant, and it almost is elegant. However, in what I found to be a trend when it came to Darkfall, it falls short. Essentially speaking, the interface itself is horribly ugly and extremely clunky. I honestly can't think of an MMO with a GUI that I've disliked more, and I've played some with nasty ones (I'm looking at you, DDO!)."

You can read the full review here.

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Dana Massey: Subscription Fee Creativity
In this week's column, Dana Massey looks at how developers could reinvigorate the subscription MMO model with a healthy dose of creativity. Here is an excerpt:

"Games can also get cute with multiple tiers of subscriptions. Why not provide players with options, not unlike ordering cable. When I play MMOs, I don't raid. I don't like raids, I don't want to do raids and I don't care about raids. Yet, I pay the same fee as people who raid. Why not let more casual players subscribe at lower rates, but without certain kinds of content. When you order digital cable, if you don't want the Cooking Network, you don't order it. Provide packages that gate content and let people trim down that monthly fee by lopping off kinds of content that they know they'll never use. I am not saying raiders deserve to pay more, this is just an example. If the content were assemble into value packs, though, people could trim back in lean months, yet stay involved, and not have to pay for full access to a game if they don't intend to use it all. This also gives players options. Right now the choice is simple: subscribe or not. If players could scale back, they might be more inclined to keep that account open."

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Darkfall is now out in Europe and North America and has easily been the most controversial MMO of the last decade.

We reviewed it, and found it to be a game that has some potential, but is clearly not all the way there yet. Sean Bulger gave it a 6 out of 10.

So what does Darkfall offer? It's a hardcore experience, a virtual sandbox where most anything goes. It's something a vocal part of the MMO community has wanted for a very long time.

Surely, it won't appeal to everyone, but despite its hiccups, those who like that specific style of MMO should find a lot to like in Darkfall.

The game relies on reflexes and player skill for intense player vs. player combat, set in a rich fantasy universe.

From ships, to sieges, this game has a lot of features at launch that many other MMOs do not and is one of the rare more sandbox oriented games to launch in quite some time.

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