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.Issue 299, August 27, 2011
Top News of the Week:
Following rumors last week that the Faxion Online team had been laid off, we learned that Faxion Online will be shutting down.

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A new developer walkthrough video features a look at some of the early content of the 'Eternity Vault' Operation in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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Funcom's Ragnar Tornquist spoke to Ten Ton Hammer at Gamescom, revealing a number of key details on The Secret World's PvP features.

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Allods Online: Review
In our latest review here at, CatMo takes a look at Allods Online. Allods was one of those games a couple years ago that was so filled with potential that people took notice.

While this game has got very nice graphics and choices for characters, there are still many things that it is lacking that seem to be expected in games that are this new. The fact that there is no auto-routing in a F2P game (which is my preferred style of MMO-gaming) I found easy to cope with, but the difficulty in finding NPCs was frustrating at times.

Players that like solo play will probably like this game, although some quests are difficult to complete without a party. It's also nice for having a choice between two rather different factions. People who like heavy PvP might find this game lacking since it does take awhile to get into PvP zones, however there are arenas to practice against players of their own faction in the early stages of the game. Allods Online definitely is a game that worth trying, although it probably won't hook most hardcore gamers for long periods of time.

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The Secret World: The Secret War & Guaranteed Beta Access has partnered with Funcom to bring our readers exclusive news found nowhere else on the 'Net today. As The Secret World approaches beta testing, Funcom is ready to reveal new information about how the beta access will work. This is a definite must read for folks interested in being part of one of the most-anticipated games.

Things are really starting to heat up with Funcom's The Secret World. We've teamed up with the folks from Oslo to give you the details on how the beta registration will work and the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) that goes with it: The Secret War. Essentially, after signing up for the beta, players will be taken to a portal on the website that will let them take part in an ongoing struggle between the game's three factions: The Dragon, the Illuminati, and the Templars. Basically Funcom's out to make sure we're all in the mood for some Factional Pride long before the game hits its April 2012 release date.

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Game of the Week
Guild Wars 2 is the upcoming sequel to Guild Wars. Currently in development at ArenaNet, Guild Wars 2 will offer the same free to play model as the original game series while introducing a host of graphical and mechanics upgrades.

Guild Wars players will find only their character names and achievements carry over, as everything else is planned to be completely new. Where characters could only move with mouse clicks, now there will be a full range of motion in 3-D for each character, destructible environments, a mentoring system to let higher and lower level players join forces, and additional layers to PvP.

The Mists, a new area, will offer large-scale world versus world battles in addition to the much-loved solo or guild versus guild PvP. PvP and RP characters will no longer be distinguished from each other, and the level cap will be higher than the original game's 20.

Notably, the land of Tyria itself will undergo shifts in terrain and structure following large-scale destruction vital to the game's plot. The plot is set 250 years after the Eye of the North expansion, and concerns the awakening of dragons long believed to have been defeated and rendered powerless in slumber. Their awakening not only causes panic but flooding and massive destruction as others rise up to try and stop this ancient force. A release date is yet to be announced.

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