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Issue 247, August 23, 2010
In the news
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures entered Open Beta this week!

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Bioware released a new trailer showing off Star Wars: The Old Republic's space combat at this year's GamesCom.

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Going Rogue, the latest expansion to Paragon Studios' super-heroic MMOG City of Heroes went live this week.

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Bigfoot Networks Killer 2100 NIC Review
In her latest hardware review, correspondent Carolyn Koh takes a look at the BigFoot Networks "Killer" Network Interface Card (NIC). Carolyn takes the challenge that BigFoot offers gamers: Improved network performance and reduced lag in online games. Does the Killer NIC measure up? Read Carolyn's review to find out.

The Killer NIC 2100 recently dropped its price from $129.99 to $89.99 - a far more palatable price point than what it debuted at (about half) several years ago, and it works. Consensus among other hardware reviewers is that improvements are more dramatic for gamers with PCs of middling specs. Now it is up to you, dear reader, to decide if the improvement is worth the cost. For me and my dodgy internet connection? Totally worth it.

You can read the full article here.

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City of Heroes: Going Rogue: Launch Day Interview's Garrett Fuller had the chance to interview Paragon Studio heavy hitters Matt Miller, Melissa Bianco, Jesse Caceres, and David Nakayama about the fundamental changes coming with Going Rogue, about their thoughts on the Moral Alignment System and more.

"I love the "espionage" missions you can undertake in Praetoria, where you are undercover within an organization, get a mission from them and then call your handler and get an optional objective to do within the mission. Reminds me a lot of the TV show Alias, and I've never seen an MMO do anything like it before." -Matt "Positron" Miller

Check out the interview here.

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This week's Game of the Week is Bioware's upcoming MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and why not? After all, the upcoming Star Wars MMO (the second, historically), is one of the most talked about upcoming games not only within the MMO genre, but in all of gaming.

With Bioware's reputation as a first class developer of single player RPGs, many video gamers find themselves wondering how the company will handle the challenge presented in the realm of multiplayer games.

With more and more information being leaked out about this game all the time, the opinions are coming in from all sides with players weighing in. Some would like to see the game more closely resemble the sandbox style of the original Star Wars Galaxies while others are looking forward to a near perfect continuation of Bioware's success with their previous Knights of the Old Republic title.

As information leans us more toward the latter than the former, it will be interesting to see what players think as this game comes closer and closer to launch.

Learn more about The Old Republic here, or check out our game list here.

The Week that Was
Monday, August 16
Guild Wars 2: Heals for Everyone!

Tuesday, August 17
Rift: Assassin Class Preview

Wednesday, August 18
The List: What Went Wrong With APB

Thursday, August 19
World of Tanks: Not Exactly an MMO

Friday, August 20
Mythos: Developer Diary #2
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