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.Issue 349, August 20, 2012
Top News of the Week:
A new trailer for Neverwinter was released during this year's gamescom and we also received reaffirmation of the game's 'early 2013' release date.

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Blizzard recently released the cinematic trailer for Mists of Pandaria, the upcoming expansion to World of Warcraft.

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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is now officially free-to-play!

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DUST 514: CCP Wants to Change the Universe
We've had our team on the ground during Gamescom 2012 in Cologne, Germany to check out some of the hottest titles there. In our latest preview, we take a look at DUST 514 and how CCP plans to rock the gaming world.

CCP wants to change the universe... of EVE Online anyway. Like a clumsy yet attractive paramour, DUST 514 is both frustrating and exciting. It's a soap bubble lined with all my hopes and dreams, one that I'm terrified will burst if I so much as breathe. For those who don't know, the short version of the story is this: DUST 514 is a stand-alone FPS built within the EVE Online universe. Swaddled in high-tech machinery and peopled by legions of artillery-totting individuals in armor, it's easy to mistake DUST 514 for your average, run-of-the-mill shooter. Pretty, but not that special. However, there is so much more. DUST 514's unique selling point is this: there is a correlation between the DUST 514 and Eve Online, a living connection that exists in real-time, a marriage of two games, an impossibility made real. This was CCP's promise.

You can read the full article here.

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Maestia: Rise of Keledus Review: Are Beautiful Graphics Enough?
There are two English language versions of Maestia. We have been putting the US version to the test to see how it stacks up against other MMOs. See how Maestia fared in our latest review!

Character creation options in Maestia are somewhat lacking and all we get are a limited selection of faces and hairstyles. There are also no facial attributes to adjust and no character voices to choose from. The choices here are definitely a lot skimpier than what you get in the big name MMORPGs like Rift or Tera. However, as if to make up for these shortcomings, the game lets you pick any colour you want for your character's skin and hair. And when I say any colour, it really is ANY colour. Feel like rolling a blue-skinned Pandoran who looks like he/she just escaped from Avatar? Go right ahead.

Check out the review here.

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Game of the Week
DUST 514 is an upcoming PS3 MMOFPS set in the EVE Online universe. The game features interconnected gameplay between it and its PC counterpart. Players take on the role of mercenaries hired out to fight over territory by players in EVE Online, allowing for players in DUST 514 to make a significant impact on the territorial control of EVE Online.

Play will be heavily focused on infantry combat with vehicles in a supporting role.

Learn more about DUST 514 here, or check out our game list here.
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